Jay Harris: “Rematch with Martinez Would Be a Completely Different Story”

Jay Harris: “Rematch with Martinez Would Be a Completely Different Story”

By George Priestman

Swansea based fighter Jay Harris used to have to balance working in an Amazon warehouse and his dreams of becoming a world champion boxer.

However, on the 29th February, we saw the Welshman reach the pinnacle by challenging for the WBC flyweight world title.

He faced the champion Julio Cesar Martinez, in what was seen by many as simply too big a task on the night. With it all to prove, he turned in a fantastic performance but ultimately he fell short on the cards losing 116-111, 115-112 and 118-109.

Proving pundits, promoters and doubters wrong, he showcased a performance at a level that no one thought he could produce. Going toe to toe with a world class fighter has elevated the 29-year-old to that of a world level fighter.

Speaking with FightPost, he claimed he would want the rematch in the future and that it would be a completely different story. Over lockdown, he’s studied the fight and learned a lot from what was a brilliant fight:

“Yeah it was a brilliant fight, I’ve watched it back many times now, god knows how many, I’ve lost count! Plenty to take from the fight, very back and forward, it would have been a great fight for the fans to see as it was back and forth all night. The actual fight was brilliant and the atmosphere in the arena was awesome – the experience of being in a world title fight was unbelievable.”

In terms of his next step, its clear he will only be able to fight once this year. With all that’s happening he couldn’t give an accurate date for challenging for the world title and he confirmed that there were no talks in place to do before Coronavirus halted everything. However, he’s looking at a big 2021 where he can get back in the ring in big fights:

“The original plan was I wanted to get out June or July and go at it again with someone at that level November or December time. But now hopefully I can get back out October/November time and then see in the New year and 2021 what will happen.”

In terms of future opponents or bouts, he was clear that he just wants to the best. Whether that’s a rematch with Martinez or any boxer who holds a world title. There doesn’t seem to be a preference. However, when asked who he would want to fight, his mind quickly turned to a potential rematch with Martinez:

“I’d fight any of the world title holders to be honest. That’s my aim. I’d have the rematch with Martinez and I think a second fight would be a different story, if I had the rematch it would be a completely different story. I know what he is capable of and I think I’d come out on top the next time. For the others, it doesn’t really bother me, I’d fight any one of them.”

There’s no doubt about it, Jay Harris is a genuine flyweight contender at world level. His ability to go toe-to-toe with the division’s best has shown that he would have a great chance of beating any of the boxers currently ahead of him in the rankings.

Harris is extremely hungry for success and the big fights and he wants to return to them as quickly as possible.

Harris will hope the rest of his career will be spent facing off against the best in the flyweight division and a world title is the ultimate goal.

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