Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones: Imminent Danger

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones: Imminent Danger

In a so-called ‘exhibition’ Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jnr will return to the ring on September 12th at the Dignity Health Sports Arena in Los Angeles.

Jones 51, last competed in 2018 and while he did leave the sport with a modest win streak, the level of opposition certainly helped him achieve it.

The decline in Jones had been apparent since he scraped a decision over Antonio Tarver in their first fight in 2003, the rematch left no doubt. Jones carried on, convincing very few, the odd resemblance of what he once was, overshadowed by the devastating defeats that continued to come.

Tyson, the older fighter by 3 years, left the sport with two defeats to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride. They were sad nights, Tyson had nothing left, and in truth that had been the case long before the McBride loss in 2005.

Tyson was an old fighter long before his time, a career which breathed fire and vengeance ended in pitiful surrender.

But both Tyson and Jones will indeed return in September, and it is unlikely to be a dignified spectacle.

The excitement and clamour from some to watch is regrettable, albeit predictable. Neither fighter really needs it, and the sport most certainly doesn’t. If you want to watch Tyson or Jones there is ample footage on YouTube to satisfy any appetite. Enjoy both in their prime.

Both were at one time were two of the finest to ever grace the sport, but that time has long since passed. There is no justification for them to be allowed to fight again. Does it make it OK that they are fighting each other, of course not? That particular narrative holds very little credibility.

Call it an ‘exhibition’ add extra padded gloves, but you can’t hide what it is. Maybe its just indicative of the current landscape, the focus on views and the dollar over the quality of the product on offer. No moral compass to see at times in a sport that despite the good still desperately needs a deep clean.

Tyson is a pretty strong favourite to beat Jones, and the worrying thing is if he does so, and quickly, what happens next.

There is little doubt Tyson is the A-Side, he is the main interest, the primary fascination point of the whole sorry episode. If he blows Jones away quickly, therefore hiding the creaks in the ageing body, the push for more will undoubtedly follow. At that point is where we all should start to really worry where this will end up.

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