About GWOAT Fuel

About GWOAT Fuel

It started with a dream and a love for coffee. Molly “Meatball” McCann burst onto the UFC scene in 2018 with one goal in mind—to win. Win her weigh-ins, win her fights, and win life. Her successes brought her a hunger and with that hunger, GWOAT Fuel was born.

Located in Liverpool, and established in 2020, GWOAT Fuel is a CBD infused coffee company. Our blends are medium roasted using the highest-quality, fair trade, 100% arabica coffee beans of single origin. This ensures a rich consistency and bold flavor in every roast.

Molly’s decision to combine coffee with hemp was simple and straightforward—she is intensely competitive. Her competitive streak had her wondering how she could successfully pit her company against her fellow coffee brand competitors.

How could GWOAT Fuel really stand out? By incorporating a proprietary CBD infusion into every blend! Once that idea was born, we got to work coming up with a hemp infused coffee unlike any other.

Molly has a commitment to natural wellness and enjoys incorporating complementary supplements into her daily routine to improve her overall wellbeing.With this in mind, GWOAT Fuel combines exquisite coffee flavors with the focused, calm, mental alertness of CBD. Our CBD oil coffee is roasted in such a way that the CBD never masks the flavor, instead, every sip features delicate notes of walnut, toffee, and citrus for a truly enjoyable cup.


Our coffee is blended with full spectrum, organic hemp oil sourced from the USA with no detectable THC. It is safe and fully tested, aiming to improve everyone’s daily quality of life. We ensure transparency with every batch produced. When enjoying a cup of our CBD hemp coffee, you can expect to reduce the negative side effects that are often associated with a normal cup of coffee.

Gone are the days of jitters, nervousness, and insomnia. When you take a sip of GWOAT Fuel, you’ll be transported to a state of serenity. Enjoy the soothing blend of hemp with the stimulating effects of coffee with every cup.

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