Arman Tsarukyan vs Davi Ramos Exemplifies The Sport’s Progression

Arman Tsarukyan vs Davi Ramos Exemplifies The Sport’s Progression

By James Lee

The third edition of the UFC’s venture to Yas Island fulfilled championship and contender ambitions.

However, the most significant takeaway from the event should be how far the sport has come, as exemplified by Arman Tsarukyan versus Davi Ramos.

The pair starred as the second fight of the night but offered a level of skill that is rarely captured. The modern nature of the sport is that the competitors are so skilled that the landscape is vastly different. A landscape that can be viewed as positive or negative for various reasons. Those who saw the contest could find little but enjoyment from it, however.

The contest played out as most expected, with the Armenian carrying the speed advantage and using that to work around the aggressive Ramos. As Tsarukyan showed his wrestling skill, his most impressive work came on the feet. As the duration of the fifteen minutes went on, the 23-year-old flourished more and came close to ending the contest in the third round, as his dominance became more evident.

The victor is one the sport should watch out for especially, being a growing prospect that has yet to grasp mainstream attention like others. A sole competitive loss to Islam Makhachev is the only blip on the Armenian’s UFC record, and a bounce-back victory over Olivier Aubin-Mercier has returned his assumed success. Despite being just 23 years old, Tsarukyan has vast global experience, and his fourteen professional wins support that already. Continuance of his prevailing triumph is guaranteed to warrant imminent success.

Davi Ramos likewise has a vast range of martial arts experience that cannot be underestimated, despite the loss. Surprisingly, he is still relatively young in the progression of his mixed martial arts career despite making his debut in 2010. Just fourteen fights in a decade has been accompanied by global success in jiu-jitsu though. Perhaps a grappling world champion not being amongst the most notable is another example of the sport’s immense progression.

The fight not only showed the pair’s quality but ultimately their counterparts at lightweight as well, especially those at the top. As generational talents like Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje have yet to hold undisputed gold, the progression of the lightweight division over the past decade cannot go unnoted. Although controversial, those who dominated the sport a decade ago would struggle to acquire contender status in the current 155 lbs climate.

Furthermore, it details how great of an anomaly Khabib Nurmagomedov is. An undefeated world champion in the sport’s most difficult division in the sport’s most advanced period. All whilst acquiring unmatched dominance. The Russian fighter undoubtedly deserves further praise as similar dominance may never be seen.

Naturally, the sport’s youthful nature advances the level of skill dramatically year by year and although the next generation is anticipated to comprehend that mould, it should not go unnoted how extraordinary the current period is. Tsarukyan and Ramos categorically paraded the period’s speciality last night and consequently that the developing competition will continue to impress.

Perhaps as the level of skill continues to improve, mixed martial arts will become less pure. Totally diverted from the foundations of style versus style and a new era that could be observed negatively. On the other hand, a growing ability level can only be a positive for mainstream perception as the fighting community continue to vie for sporting acknowledgement.

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