James Moorcroft: The Road To Redemption

James Moorcroft: The Road To Redemption

By Ben Davies

James Moorcroft (13-1) believes that his defeat is in the past and is looking forward to getting back into the ring again, after a period out as a result of the pandemic.

The 27-year-old, who is represented by VIP Promotions, was due to fight again at the University of Bolton Stadium before the bout was cancelled with all other boxing events scheduled.

Moorcroft, who is trained by Lee Blundell at Blundell’s Boxing Gym in Wigan, was on an impressive 13-win streak during his professional career with 4 consecutive stoppages, before being defeated by Martin Harkine in Glasgow.

However, the Briton has been working hard at home during the national lockdown and has now resumed outdoor training with his team Rhiannon Dixon and Lee Blundell, providing hope that he can begin seeking redemption for his defeat.

Training has been much different since for the Hindley fighter, but he is continuing to make the best of the restrictive situation and insists that he has been fortunate to be able to keep fit and healthy during the closure period.

“I’ve been going on long runs, and just trying to make the best of a bad situation, and just working on my downfalls really, as soon as restrictions were lifted for exercise outside, we (Lee Blundell) went straight back on the pads.”

“I’m feeling good, I am feeling really fit, I’ve got to stay ready for that call to fight, but I kind of miss the social aspect of training at the gym, and the interaction with others”

“I am looking forward to being back, but I am cautious with all the government guidelines,”

Despite remaining extremely positive and keen to move on from the past, Moorcroft is keen to learn from his defeat to Harkin in January and believes the experience will be a key turning point in his professional career.

“It was a fantastic performance from Martin Harkin, I’m not one to make excuses, he was the better man on the night. However, I have a big following behind me, and my next fight will not be a comeback, I never really went away.

“The way I see it I’ve been down now, I believe the pressure is off and I have learnt so much from one fight, I have realised that you don’t have to win every second of the fight. But that’s in the past now, I gained a lot of experience, my sole thing now is to move on.

“It was just a bump in the road, now is not the time to hide away.”

A fighting character and positive attitude have been key aspects of Moorcroft’s career so far. And the 27-year-old believes that he is more prepared than ever to take the next fight, despite a lack of certainty on his next opponent, as a result of previous cancellations.

“I am giving my all now, having had a job for my first 5 fights. At the moment there are no fights scheduled due to the Covid-19 situation, I know my manager has been thinking about a fight behind closed doors”

“It’s a strange situation, all I can do is stay ready, stay fit and be ready for any fight in four weeks”

Despite the lengthy lay off, Moorcroft believes his progress has not been halted and he is relishing the challenge to continue to advance his prosperous career to a national level as soon as possible, with several government guidelines still preventing any exact plans for his future.

“I feel I can go onto them British levels; you just have to keep pushing. The dream would be to fight at the DW Stadium in front of thousands of people.

“I know where I am, as long as I can keep moving forward, stay healthy and look after my family.”

Moorcroft has a bright future ahead, remaining very much in the hunt for bigger and better fights after the constraints of the pandemic are over, including a British title eliminator and remains a cult hero of the sport in his local area Wigan.

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