Paddy Pimblett: “You Know Where I Will Be.”

Paddy Pimblett: “You Know Where I Will Be.”

By Jack Rainbow

Paddy Pimblett did not allow himself to get carried away with his emphatic win over Decky Dalton on March 20th:

“I expected that he was going to have nothing for me to be honest, everyone I spoke to I told that I would be disappointed if it goes beyond the first round and in the end, I wasn’t disappointed.”

Pimblett’s last performance came at the infamous Cage Warriors 113. Held in late March, the event went on during the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic in the UK. Naturally, this made the experience of a fight week very out of the ordinary:

“It was hard work, to be honest, Like I had to keep my head screwed on because there were times where I knew I should just go and eat this and go and do that. It was the weirdest one ever because the week before the event the UFC was cancelled and when that’s off you expect Cage Warriors to be off, but Graham showed everyone what he is about.”

Paddy naturally spoke very positively about Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan. Boylan was instrumental in pulling off Cage Warriors 113 despite the prior cancellation of UFC London and had to move the event to Manchester after the original venue, the London Indigo was unavailable. This, however, was a welcome move for Liverpudlian:

“It worked out brilliantly for me, I had hotel tickets booked in London but when I found out it was in Manchester, I was made up. Just down the road nice and easy for me, and I even got picked up by the missus after I won!”

Paddy is now anticipating a return at the triple-header Cage Warriors return in September. His training situation has also improved with it now being legal to train in small groups in the UK:

“The professionals are allowed in the gym, Fishy and Molly have a fight with the UFC and Cage Warriors are saying all the contracted fighters are getting a fight, which means 8 people are in the gym at once.”

The limits to the amount of time allowed in the gym aren’t entirely satisfying for Paddy, however:

“The gym isn’t back open fully which is no good as I wish I could train twice a day but only one is allowed, so I am doing individual stuff after which is harder because you can’t be ***** at home!”

Just like fellow Scouse fighters Darren Till and Molly McCann, Paddy is incredibly honest and to the point. When asked about his discipline post-March 20th, this was made evident:

“With the virus situation, I didn’t have to care about discipline, I got up to about 89kg just enjoying myself and I got fat. The worst line an MMA fighter can say is I am going to keep my weight down because I say it every fight and I never do. The only bad thing that happened this time is I couldn’t get all the food I wanted because nothing was open for the first three weeks I was just making my own stuff.”

This incredible level of honesty was shown further when speaking about his personal experience of fighting during the pandemic. Unlike the majority of fighters who try to explain that fighting without the fans is unique, Paddy did not mince his words:

“It wasn’t the same, I described it like a spar, it’s not like a fight. I said to people that I was surprised how few were knocked out at the Cage Warriors event as there was a lack of adrenaline. The crowd gets me going, I just love the noise and fans going wild. There was very little human emotion because of the lack of people there but ah well you get on with it.”

The UFC has often been talked about as a future destination for Paddy. It almost seemed a formality before his loss to Soren Bak at Cage Warriors 96.

However, at only 25, with a diverse skill-set combining with a refreshing and real persona, the future is very bright. When asked where he expected to be in the next two years, Paddy had a simple answer:

“You know where I will be, everyone knows where I will be.”

With his return slated for September, Paddy will get an opportunity to push on from the momentum gained in March. In the past, he has been quoted speaking candidly about issues with personal motivation however, make no mistake, this version of the Liverpudlian is in tune with himself and ready to make a push to the pinnacle of the sport.

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