Book Review: Killed In Brazil? The Mysterious Death Of Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti

Book Review: Killed In Brazil? The Mysterious Death Of Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti

In Killed in Brazil? the fourth in the Hamilcar Noir hard-hitting true-crime series, author Jimmy Tobin explores with forensic precision the events surrounding the death of Arturo Gatti.

Could someone who wouldn’t quit in the ring, really quit in life. Did Gatti really commit suicide, or was he brutally murdered in a hotel room in Brazil?

The 71 pages of the book might indicate a lack of depth, but it is anything but. Tobin doesn’t preach, he admirably resists the obvious temptation to force his own opinions on what happened on that fateful night.

When you have unexplained or disputed events, you get books where the author tries to impose his opinion on the reader, Tobin is balanced and dissects the evidence that is out there, and leaves it to you to form your own opinion.

This excellent publication starts it’s journey on the night in question, that grim discovery in 2009, just two years into his retirement. It throws you right into the heart of the book, an instant hook, and from that point on finishing the book is a must.

Tobin then takes through his boxing career, reminding you of the type of fighter he was. The unforgettable wars, including the first fight with Ivan Robinson which often gets overlooked in comparison to the trilogy with Mickey Ward. The fights with Ward define both men. When you think of one you naturally gravitate to the other.

But the type of excessive punishment Gatti took in the ring often comes at a price, and Tobin offers that up as a possible explanation for what occurred on the night Gatti’s life ended.

Is it really an unsolved mystery, or do we have all the answers already?

It’s a book full of detail and intrigue, even if you think you know the story of how Gatti died, by the end of Tobin’s work you will know a lot more.

Killed in Brazil is out now and comes highly recommended.


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