Adam Azim: Coming For The Big Names In The Lightweight Division

Adam Azim: Coming For The Big Names In The Lightweight Division

By Cameron Temple

“You can expect me to call out Devin Haney,” was the response of lightweight boxer, Adam Azim, when asked what we can expect from him in the near future.

While this was partly in jest, it was clear from speaking to him that the young man does not lack confidence:

“I think the other British lightweights are good fighters, but I think I have something that none of the other fighters in the UK really have. I’m more of an American fighter in my style, because it’s really different.”

Adam went on to say, “I reckon at the moment I’m with the likes of Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez. Or at least I’m going to be with that lot soon if I start getting myself going.”

Adam recently made headlines as he signed with world renowned management company, MTK global, who also manage the likes of Tyson Fury, Carl Frampton and his brother Hassan.

The move has come in anticipation of him turning over to the professional ranks after his 18th birthday in July.

“There was a lot of people telling me that MTK is a good move to go with.” Adam said, “But, I’ve also had Billy Joe Saunders who offered to manage me and I did get a phone call from Amir Khan, who was talking about some deals he could get for me. I still think MTK was the better move though, because they’ve been in the game for such a long time.”

Having sorted his management, Adam is also on the lookout to add a major promotional company to his rapidly growing team, to help him achieve his lofty ambitions, and he has one promotional company in particular in mind:

“I want to sign with Eddie Hearn. We’ve had offers from Frank Warren, but we’re going to try and get a deal off Eddie Hearn hopefully.”

This all shows just how far Adam has come since his first foray into boxing at the age of just four years old, as he revealed:

“I started boxing because my dad said I was a very hyperactive kid and I needed to put my energy into a sport. The doctor told me I had ADHD when I was young, so my dad put me in boxing because of my ADHD.”

Since then, Adam has become one of the brightest amateur talents that Britain has to offer, winning ten national titles and a European silver medal.

Adam also won the European Championships, an achievement he considers to be his career highlight, redeeming himself, having missed out the year before:

“I got suspended from the European games. A few of us boys were doing something stupid, we were in the canteen and we took something without paying. That was a few years ago and they suspended us and I told myself I was stupid for doing that. Then the next year I went again and it was one of the toughest tournaments I’ve ever been to, but I ended up winning gold for England.”

Naturally, his success has attracted attention, especially in his home town of Slough:

“I have a massive fan base in Slough, a lot of people admire my boxing. All these kids look up to me at my local gym, because my coach trains me there and the kids watch me and they do their sessions there as well.”

However, despite being a part of the team GB set up and a potential candidate for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Adam has decided the time is right to ply his trade in the professional ranks:

“It was because the Olympics is another four years away, which is a bit of a wait and I think I can become world champion in that time and get my name out there.

“I could’ve done a lot more in the amateurs,” Adam continued, “but I think I’m more of a pro fighter than an amateur fighter anyway. I had more of a pro style and I was winning all the national titles with a pro style, so if I take that style with me, then I think I can do the same thing.”

Coming from the well-respected Pinewood Starr ABC, Adam has a pedigree that suggests he will be successful as a professional. Adam has also built a solid team around him, with the leader of that team being his dad, who Adam cited as his biggest influence:

“He’s always there for me, and he tells me the right things to do. He’s always got good plans for us and he’s always at my training, so is my whole team. My dad trains me and he’s in my corner and he dictates everything in the camp. I’ll be sticking with the same team in the pros.”

Alongside his dad, Adam’s religion has played a huge role in his boxing career and his life in general:

“Religion has helped me a lot with my boxing, because every time when I pray, I end up doing good. It’s always good praying and helping other people, because in our religion if you help other people, they will help you and send you prayers when you fight. I want the Muslim community to follow me and admire what I do, because I want to help charities and the Muslim community and all the poor people around the world.”

In terms of the near future, before Adam can call out Devin Haney, he needs to make his professional debut, an event he hopes will take place soon:

“I think in August boxing will be back on so I’m hoping to make my pro debut then. I’ve been keeping ready and I’ve been training three times a day, every day. I’d probably only need about three or four weeks’ notice.”

From there, Adam hopes to move through the early stages of his career swiftly:

“I want to have about six or seven fights a year,” Adam said, “and I want to quickly get to ten fights, so I can get a title shot, like a European or an intercontinental title. Then, build myself to the world title stage and go from there.”

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