Who Is The MMA GOAT?

Who Is The MMA GOAT?

Ben Askren has got into the debate surrounding who really is the greatest MMA fighter of all time. On Monday, Askren tweeted the following:

7 People in discussion for MMA GOAT. Some have much better cases than others, but all have cases. Fedor and BJ would have had cases had they retired earlier.

Jon Jones

It is of course highly subjective, but the names Askren offered do have much validity.

I’m not sure just because Fedor Emelianenko and BJ Penn fought on after their peak was well behind them discounts them. We should judge fighters in their prime and not in their decline. However, neither would get my vote as the greatest ever.

Emelianenko has the stronger claim, certainly the best of his time, but for me there are other fighters with stronger claims.

For Khabib Nurmagomedov, I just think it is far too soon to consider him. As dominant as he now is, Khabib still has some way to go to be even in the conversation.

Daniel Cormier has achieved plenty, but Jon Jones has proven himself the better fighter, despite the obvious question marks over his achievements.

Demetrious Johnson probably suffers because he reigned in a relatively weak division. Johnson needed stronger opposition for me, but nevertheless he merits a mention at the very least.

Henry Cejudo despite being a two-division champion in the UFC, and ending that long winning run of Johnson, still struggles in comparison to other fighters. Cejudo needed to do a little more in my opinion.

Should Anderson Silva and Jon Jones be discounted for their doping violations, not totally, but their achievements definitely now leave doubt. Both are incredible fighters, and despite their indiscretions, deservedly sit very close to the summit. But that doubt leaves me little choice but to look elsewhere.

But Georges St-Pierre would be my choice. His only two career defeats were avenged, add that to his long reign over the UFC welterweight division, GSP tops everyone else on the list. The win over Michael Bisping to add his name to the two-division UFC champions is more the cherry on the cake, but does add a little more weight to the case for GSP.

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