The FightPost Interviews: Jade Taylor 

The FightPost Interviews: Jade Taylor 

Unbeaten lightweight prospect Jade Taylor has seen her promising boxing career stopped in its tracks as a result of the ongoing pandemic. The odours of a sweaty gym are now replaced by fresh air as Jade struggles to maintain fitness as she waits to restart her sporting career:

“I’ve been doing walks and runs when I can, hit circuits at home, and a bike when I don’t get interrupted which is hardly ever. I have lost some of my boxing fitness, with not being able to spar, pad work or hit bags so I have lost fitness that way. But I have gained a different kind of fitness with my running and my circuits. I used to train 2 or 3 times a day, but now I train once a day but I put more into it, but obviously, I have to work around looking after the kids.”

With no return to boxing insight, staying motivated has to be hard for Jade:

“Definitely, the whole routine has gone out of the window. So I am going to bed late, getting up late. Normally I would be up early for a run, but now I can’t motivate myself to go to bed early because I am still wide awake. In terms of my diet, I will eat really well all week, but then I think I am not fighting so why can’t I eat this or drink that. Normally I eat very well, but I am not normally in the house very much, but now I am stuck in the house with not much to do, bored and then I am getting anxious because I am not training the way I did and I am putting weight on, I don’t know when I will next fight.”


Jade is a single parent and having to adapt to home-schooling her two young children:

“I’m just taking it day by day really, I think to be fair I am more impatient with them, and I get more annoyed with them if they are not doing it right. I try to be really strict with them because they are both into their PS4 and being on their phones. So I limit them to three 30 minute slots and I tell them if you want to go on them, you have to read or do something.”

Jade entered boxing as many do from another form of martial arts:

“I originally did Thai Boxing from when I was about 8, and I started entering competitions from the age of 10, started winning titles when I was 11 up to when I was about 15. I had my son when I was 18, so I took a year out then. Then I returned had some more fights, and then I got selected to go to the world championships in Thailand in 2015. But when I came back I started doing boxing because it was more recognised and there was more money in it. I did a lot of unlicensed boxing at first, probably had between 50 and 70 unlicensed fights. Some weekends I would be fighting 2 or 3 times over that weekend, or even twice in one night. You get paid travel expenses, hotel and depending on how many rounds the fight was, I could get a few hundred pounds for each fight, so it was pretty decent money at the time.” 

UFC flyweight contender Molly McCann has shared a ring with Jade on a number of occasions:

“I’ve fought Molly a few times, it was my first ever unlicensed fight. I was told she had never boxed before, so we went to Liverpool for one of their unlicensed shows. I just rocked up with normal shorts and trainers on, I wasn’t really prepared but I just thought I would give it a go. I went the distance with her and then after the fight, I found out she was a former ABA champion. I also fought Molly in a K1 fight as well.”

Jade could well have followed Molly into the world of MMA:

“I’ve been asked a few times actually. At the time with my family and everything I didn’t want to be out injured all the time. I trained MMA but I prefer to be up on my feet and standing my ground.”

After turning pro in 2018, Jade has amassed three wins in an unblemished start to her career, but that momentum has been halted just when big fights were just starting to be on her radar:

“Before the lockdown, I was supposed to be fighting for either a Commonwealth or European title, I got offered that. So I was getting ready for that fight and then we got put in lockdown. I will fight anyone and even if I don’t win it, it gets my name out there a little more and I could get bigger and better fights from it.”

Despite big ambitions, Jade is level-headed enough to know there is no immediate rush and the focus is very much on the here and now:

“I want to go as far as I can really. With all the training it helps me mentally, it keeps me on the straight and narrow. I want to get this title fight out of the way and then just keep building from there, and hopefully, I will get bigger and better opportunities. If I get to a world title then great, but I am just taking it step by step.”   

With all the issues around travel restrictions, Jade like many of her domestic rivals, could be in line for some high profile fights in the not too distant future. Small-time promoters will struggle in the short-term without a live gate, but with Eddie Hearn soon to be opening his Matchroom HQ for some behind closed door shows, those bigger and better opportunities might come sooner than Jade expects.

Photo Credit: Unorthodoxx


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