UFC Florida: Simon vs Borg: A Situational Duplicate

UFC Florida: Simon vs Borg: A Situational Duplicate

By James Lee

As Ricky Simon and Ray Borg prepare to face off on the main card of the UFC’s Wednesday night event, the duo find themselves in a seemingly indistinguishable situation.

Crucially, they need success. Recent conflict has not gone as they would have anticipated, but with their status hanging in the balance, the contest in Florida could be a much-needed source of resurrection for one.

As the pair have found, the sport can be cruel. One moment you can be the name on the lips of the masses, and next thing you are not.

In Ray Borg’s case, he fought Demetrious Johnson for the UFC flyweight title in 2017 and had the opportunity to forever cement himself in the history of the sport by beating a fighter many would consider the most decorated fighter in history.

Comparatively, Ricky Simon failed when he welcomed Urijah Faber back to the sport last year. The Washington-native was on an eight-fight win streak heading into the fight and was deemed the man suitable to free the UFC Hall of Famer from his retirement.

Most expected Simon to put the 40-year-old back into retirement, but he faltered. Falling short in the first round to a knockout punch by the former WEC champion.

An unexpected one considering the long lay-off and the heavy odds in his favour. He similarly failed to rebound in his last outing against Rob Font.

Sport and mixed martial arts in particular, is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately outlet and presently, Simon is under the radar and must re-ignite fan intrigue through a combination of success and entertainment this week.

Borg’s situation is slightly different in the fact he has won his last two bouts against Gabriel Silva and Rogerio Bontorin respectively.

However, if he wants to return to championship action, he must not only win but make weight and assert himself over a once-rising contender in Ricky Simon to propel his momentum.

Ultimately, the bantamweight division is currently inundated with talent at the summit who are looking to cement themselves as next in line for the title, including many former UFC champions like Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar.

Therefore, mistakes must be scarce for those aspiring to reach the top, meaning the fight in Jacksonville may have grave consequences for Simon and Borg.

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