Megan Redstall: Lashes of Dedication

Megan Redstall: Lashes of Dedication

By Ben White

Boxing although brutal can provide something beautiful. It provides troubled individuals with the opportunity to reinvent themselves and more often than not, they never look back.

In other cases, like that of Megan Redstall, it’s purely the contagious energy the gym creates that makes her keep returning.

That energy includes, blood, sweat and tears of extremely dedicated individuals vying for the same dreams and becoming a better version of themselves, along with the competitiveness of knowing the space at the top is limited. You have got to be better than the rest!

Having spoken to Megan, who is a newly turned professional boxer, what stood out to me most about her, is her dedication and commitment for someone of such a young age.

Whilst most 19 year olds dedicate their evenings and weekends to the pub, Megan has her sights set on becoming a paramedic and a successful professional boxer, both of which require huge sacrifices and for someone of Megan’s age, few are willing to make that commitment.

The fact that she has, tells me her career is going to be a great one, so what better time to get behind her than from the start!

Megan spent a proportion of her youth with family out in Australia, an opportunity she embraced, where she got to learn about a different culture through trying out new things such as surfing, a hobby she enjoys to this day.

Her first taste of combat sport also came ‘down under’, in the shape of Muay Thai, something which she wanted to strive further in. Upon her return to England, she hooked up with The Contender Gym with the aim of progressing further in Muay Thai.

This was until she laced up a pair of boxing gloves, a moment that proved a significant one because not since has she looked back.

Megan’s personality could prove to be her biggest asset, with the possibility of being underestimated because of it. She admits to being shy but she is also very polite having been brought up with a high standard of manners and morals. When asked by people, what sport she takes part in:

“People are always very shocked when I say boxing, they NEVER expect it because they say I have such a passive and caring nature,” Megan explains.

Prior to her involvement in boxing, Megan was in full time education and following her GCSE’s she completed her A-Levels. 12 months ago, Megan made the decision to go into full time boxing training, and today alongside her training, she attends University where she is training to become a paramedic.

I asked Megan if she could breakdown her fighting style and what she feels sets her apart from the rest, to which she responded:

“I have very good footwork and I’m a pick and move fighter. I also have a forward fighting style where I like to plant my feet and have a good tear up, opening up and driving my shots through. My sparring partners describe my style as very busy, with a high work rate. I make them feel surrounded as I throw shots from different angles.”

Megan goes by the nickname of ‘Lashes’ due to always getting eyelash extensions, she explains:

“You will never not see me without my lashes on. I’m very girly in the sense I always have my nails, hair and lashes done, no matter what.”

Looking up to her role model Tyson Fury has driven and pushed Megan to be the best boxer she can possibly be, she elaborates:

“Everyone looks up to Tyson, with everything he has achieved throughout his life, demonstrating how mentally and physically strong he is. Reading his book and attending his tour was hugely inspirational for me.”

When I asked Megan what she sees as her proudest achievement to date:

“Achieving my professional licence is a proud achievement, being a professional athlete in the sport I adore, fills me with a huge sense of gratitude. Before participating in boxing, I was a cross country athlete and qualified at national trials, where I placed 13th, putting me in the reserves.

“Outside of boxing, I am very proud of gaining my place at The University of the West of England, studying Paramedic Science. This has been a massive achievement for me and I cannot wait to go into the community and engage and help others at their time of need.”

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