Jon Jones Releases Statement Following DWI Guilty Plea

Jon Jones Releases Statement Following DWI Guilty Plea

By Ross Markey

Reigning UFC 205-pound champion, Jon Jones, has released an official statement regarding his arrest for DWI (driving while intoxicated), negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container, and failure to provide proof of insurance on March 26th. last.

The Jackson-Wink MMA mainstay entered a plea deal on Tuesday morning, where he agreed to one-year supervised probation for DWI – resulting in the other three charges being dropped. As part of the agreement, which is yet to be officially signed off by a judge ahead of an April 8th. hearing, Jones has agreed to the following terms. He will be placed under four-days house arrest, will pay a $500 fine, must complete forty-eight hours of community service, install an ignition interlock on all his vehicles, and lastly, complete a ninety-day treatment outpatient programme.

In his first public address since his arrest in the early hours of last Thursday morning, Jones told how he was disappointed to find himself as the “source of a negative headline again”.

“While we all work to understand and cope with stress and uncertainties surrounding the current state of our world, I want to express how truly disappointed I am that I have become the source of a negative headline again, especially during these trying times. I am disappointed for letting down the people that I care about the most, my family, my friends and my fans.

“This morning I entered a plea deal with the Albuquerque DA’s office. I accept full responsibility for my actions and I know that I have some personal work to do to which involves the unhealthy relationship I have with alcohol. I have dedicated so much time and energy to improve my community and I will not allow this personal setback to hinder my work within the community when we need it most. I truly appreciate the support I have received from the community of Albuquerque and all my fans around the world. I very much look forward to putting this behind me. Thanks you all for your continued love and support and please take care of yourselves.”

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