From The Vault: Molly McCann Denies Ariane Lipski

From The Vault: Molly McCann Denies Ariane Lipski

The UFC made its maiden visit to Greenville in South Carolina, and Ariane Lipski went there seeking her maiden UFC victory, but unfortunately for the Brazilian, Molly McCann was in the opposite corner.

Lipski came into the promotion as a former KSW champion and with a ton of hype behind her. But her first fight in the UFC ended in defeat to Joanne Calderwood, and tonight McCann handed her second defeat in her new home.

Lipski was heavily favoured to defeat McCann, but the Liverpool fighter doesn’t get the credit she deserves, she might now.

After her defeat to Gillian Robertson, McCann worked at her game, and the results are plain for all to see.

McCann fought smart, refusing the obvious temptation to brawl, educated in skills and fight IQ.

Lipski had the reach advantage, but McCann quickly solved that particular puzzle, in and out, mixing up her attacks and utilising her leg kicks more than she did in her win over Priscila Cachoeira in March.

Two late takedowns sealed the opening two rounds, not that there was any real doubt, 30 seconds longer in the second round and McCann would have had her first UFC stoppage victory.

Lipski needed a stoppage in the final round, it never looked likely and all three judges gave it to McCann by scores of 30-27 as did I.

McCann suffered a cut high on her head in the third, the claret flowed freely, by now so will the vodka, this time no ambulance needed.

McCann is quietly becoming a fully rounded MMA fighter, the difference between the fighter we saw in Liverpool are night and day.

Lipski played her part in a thoroughly enjoyable fight and hopefully she gets another chance to get her first UFC win.

McCann can look forward to getting a ranked fighter next time out, hopefully it will be on a main card, she deserves that platform.

Tonight and not for the first time she defied the odds, just how she likes it, the ride goes on.
Lipski drops to 11-5, McCann improves to 9-2.

Note: This was my immediate post-fight report after McCann overcame pre-fight odds of 3-1. McCann gave a practically flawless performance in defeating Lipski.

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