Cage Warriors 113: The Night Sport Ended, For Now

Cage Warriors 113: The Night Sport Ended, For Now

Over the last seven days, most of us have realised what was important to us then, barely registers now.

What we took for granted is now largely gone, in an incredibly short space of time life has changed beyond all recognition.

People have had their livelihoods suddenly taken away from them, with no end in sight. A war with an enemy you can’t see will be a long one.

Graham Boylan somehow got his Cage Warriors 113 show up and running in Manchester last night. Boylan, despite plenty of media criticism, and plenty of logistical issues and no doubt moral ones also, served up almost certainly our last taste of live sporting action for some considerable time.

This weekend was supposed to be something special. CW 113 was going to be followed by UFC London tonight, the global pandemic put paid to that, and so much more.

Boylan found a way, was it the same, of course it wasn’t. It wasn’t just the lack of paying customers and the alcohol-induced atmosphere that would have created. The doom and the impending uncertainty around the world looms large and can’t easily be forgotten, sport simply doesn’t matter anymore, at least for now.

Should Boylan be lambasted, not when the Prime Minister let his people go out for one last night on the town with the now obvious dangers of letting that happen. If it is dangerous enough to force pubs and other such methods of entertainment to be closed, then do it straight away. The dithering goes on.

One last session, one last pint, it might be, but for very different reasons. Some clearly still don’t know what we are dealing with, very soon they will.

One for the road might carry a very different meaning before too long.

With all the indecision and inconsistency around the world in dealing with the unseen killer, Boylan and his decision to ensure the show goes on sits extremely low on things to be concerned about.

The show provided temporary relief from what’s happening all around us. Does Boylan deserves praise for his perseverance and determination to get the show on, in some ways yes, but others admittedly will wholeheartedly disagree.

The risks were minimised, at least as much as they could be. Contact was reduced, staff, crew and the fighters were checked by a medic for symptoms of Covid-19. The extra precautions will still not satisfy many of course, but Cage Warriors did what they could.

But the viewing experience still left an uneasy feeling when the rest of us have been told to keep our social distance.

But for the fighters, a much-needed wage came their way. We should never forget their plight, and others. The human suffering is there in so many different ways.

As for the fights, Mason Jones got a Cage Warriors title, Paddy Pimblett finally returned. Jones and Pimblett could be on a collision course with very big rewards for the winner.

Last night was an uncomfortable return to some kind of normality. Am I interested in seeing more of the same, not for the foreseeable future. The human race has a much bigger fight on its hands, and one it has to win. Everything else can wait.

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