CW112: Manchester Weigh-In Results

CW112: Manchester Weigh-In Results

Cage Warriors are just one day away from going live for their first event of a packed 2020 schedule, with every fighter on tomorrow night’s Manchester card making weight successfully.

At the top of the bill is Bolton-born bantamweight champion Jack Cartwright, who made championship weight without complication at 134.6 lbs. The challenger Manuel Bilić made their Main Event title fight official by stepping on the scales at 134.4 lbs.

In the co-main, surging UK prospect Adam Proctor came in at 171 lbs, slightly heavier than his opponent Madars Fleminas who made 168.6 lbs.

The Manchester card is stacked with a number of other high-level matchups including a Middleweight bout between former champion James Webb (185.7 lbs) and Mick Stanton (184.6 lbs), and Manchester fan favourite Martin Stapleton’s (155 lbs) return to the cage against Yassine Belhadj (155.6 lbs).

CW112: Manchester takes place tomorrow night, Saturday 7th March at the Manchester BEC Arena. The Pro Prelims will be broadcast live and free on, followed by the Main Card at 9PM on UFC Fight Pass.

Full weigh-in results

Main Card

Jack Cartwright 134.6 lbs (c) vs Manuel Bilić 134.4 lbs

Madars Fleminas 168.6 lbs vs Adam Proctor 171 lbs

Yassine Belhadj 155.6 lbs vs Martin Stapleton 155 lbs

James Webb 185.7 lbs vs Mick Stanton 184.6 lbs

Scott Malone 135.9 lbs vs Adam Wilson 135.3 lbs

Pro Prelims

Lukasz Marcinkowski 185.3 lbs vs George Smith 183.7 lbs

Jonas Mågård 135 lbs vs Liam Gitiins 135.3 lbs

Johan Segas 133.2 lbs vs Nathan Fletcher 135.4 lbs

Tom Mearns 153.1 lbs vs Steven Hooper 155.4 lbs

Youri Panada 149.1 lbs vs Paul Hughes 149.7 lbs

James Sheehan 170.9 lbs vs Kyran Sturrock 170.3 lbs

Cage Warriors Academy North West Amateur Card

Tom Field 203 lbs vs Mustapha Mohamed (c) 203.7 lbs

Ben Petches-Kelly 167.9 lbs vs Mariusz Mikolajewski (c) 169.1 lbs

Connor Hughes 152.8 lbs Adam Cullen 155.4 lbs

Macca White 134 lbs vs Tom Wright 136 lbs

JJ Jones 125.3 lbs vs Sheldon Ryan 125.5 lbs

Mak Reeder 145.8 lbs vs Jay Reilly 144.8 lbs

Mo Zubair 126 lbs vs Luke Penberthy 126 lbs

Dec Dean 154.4 lbs vs Aaron McDonnell 154.4 lbs

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