Fury Demolishes Wilder in 7 Rounds

Fury Demolishes Wilder in 7 Rounds

This time Tyson Fury didn’t leave it in the hands of the judges, Deontay Wilder was simply not on his level. Everything he was denied last time, his fists this time, left no doubt to who was the better man.

Fury said he would go looking for Wilder, few believed him, but true to his word he did exactly what he said he would do in a simply unbelievable performance.

The towel came in to save Wilder in the 7th round after a one-sided fight, Fury was on another planet in a career best performance.

Wilder in the sparodic moments of success he had, landed early in the fight, but his patented power had no effect, Fury impressively absorbed the shots that came his way from Wilder, but they were few and far between.

Fury came forward from the opening bell, pushing Wilder back, using his extra bulk to wear on Wilder. The now former WBC world heavyweight champion was brave to the end but was outclassed and even though he has a third fight waiting for him if he so wishes, but you can’t see anything changing if he takes that option up, such was the horrible and worrying beating he received in Las Vegas.

Wilder was dropped in the 3rd, a body shot had him over again in the 5th, and he looked exhausted with his legs betraying him on numerous occasions from the 4th round onwards.

Fury came in heavier made changes in his camp, changed his natural style, and everything paid off in spectacular style that at times defied belief. Educated, controlled pressure, he dared to stand with one of the biggest punchers in heavyweight history.

The new champion deserves every bit of the praise that will now follow, not for the first time he has proved a lot of people wrong. It wasn’t just that he won, it was the manner of his victory that impressed the most.

With all due respect to all the other heavyweight contenders, the only fight that matters is Fury against Anthony Joshua. Mandatory obligations, arguments over purse splits all need to be resolved, the biggest fight in boxing history must happen, politics and promotional divides must not deny the world this fight.

After this showing from Fury, the fight with Joshua just got a whole lot bigger.

But for now Fury is very much the man, a truly awe inspiring story of redemption that you just couldn’t see coming not so long ago.

Fury has come through the dark times, and whatever the future holds, Fury deserves his moment, a modern day miracle of a story.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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