Wilder vs Fury 2: Big Fight Preview & Prediction

Wilder vs Fury 2: Big Fight Preview & Prediction

Judges are paid to do a job, they say scoring is subjective, but many feel that the judges failed to do their job in 2018 when Tyson Fury first challenged Deontay Wilder.

Wilder was given an early Xmas present, Fury won the fight but was denied his moment by the judges who somehow came up with a split-draw to save Wilder’s WBC world heavyweight title. It had nothing to do with subjective, it was obvious who won that fight.

But tonight in Las Vegas they go again, and this time the hope is all doubt is removed and we get the definitive ending we were denied last time.

Some may lambast the current crop of heavyweights, but there is no doubt this is the most exciting period in recent memory for the heavyweight division.

The rematch this weekend adds greatly to the momentum, a genuine 50/50 fight that is incredibly hard to pick to a winner, you can quite easily make a case for either fighter.

Fury has had five fights since he launched his inspirational comeback. Against Wilder, he was sensational, in the other four fights we saw something a little less, for varying reasons.

Wilder was seated ringside when Fury laboured to an uninspiring points victory Francesco Pianeta, Wilder can’t have been impressed and would definitely have liked what he witnessed. The Pianeta fight was early in the Fury comeback, and Wilder would surely have thought the time is right.

Wilder must have been shocked, we all were, by the level of performance Fury gave us. Wilder might have been surprised last time, this time there can be no such excuse.

Was the performance Wilder put in a one-off, an off night fuelled by a lack of motivation against an opponent he expected to beat and easily. But Wilder has shown his limitations before, if you show movement and angles he clearly struggles.

But whatever he isn’t, we shouldn’t forget what he is. Wilder has that rare type of power that makes everything else irrelevant. The way to beat Wilder looks simple, but nobody has yet been able to execute it.

When an opponent is seemingly comfortable and doing well against Wilder, that is when they are at their most vulnerable, imminent danger.

But Wilder hasn’t corrected his technical flaws, he relies on his power a little too much, a belief that at some point in a fight it will be enough, at some point it won’t be.

As good as Fury looked against Wilder, I wondered if that was his best chance gone, did he look that good because Wilder was so bad.

Wilder is certainly suspect around the chin, but I believe his gas tank is his true weakness. Wilder fights are often fought at his pace, take him out of his comfort zone, educated pressure and I think you will see him break. Fury agrees and says he wants to make Wilder feel his power, and even though I agree, but is Fury the right man for those tactics, I have my doubts.

Fury to win has to do what he did last time, only better. At times it was ridiculously easy for Fury, which probably led to the lapses in concentration which saw him dropped twice, which ultimately cost him the decision.

But I have major concerns, switching trainers so close to a big fight like this worries me, yes it might work, but will Fury be caught between change and what’s familiar.

Both are much heavier than in the first fight, but will that really help Fury. The additional weight might add a little more venom to his shots, but it will also slow him down, and if it does, his chances of winning, drastically reduce.

Fury might be playing mind games, but going looking for Wilder as he says, looks a mission to oblivion.

The Otto Wallin fight highlighted Fury’s guts and hearts, but also worrying signs, that version of Fury loses to Wilder. Fury will not fight Wilder in the same way he did against Wallin, but his performance that night just adds to the doubts I already have.

The horrific deep cut Fury suffered over his right eye in the Wallin fight could be another problem if it opens up again, if it does, he might not be given the benefit of the doubt he was against Wallin.

Fury might very well put on another masterclass, and if he can avoid the canvas he almost certainly wins on points, I can’t see anyway Wilder wins this fight on the scorecards, then again he didn’t deserve the draw he got last time.

But I have a gut feeling this ends inside the distance, and if it does, the likelihood is that Wilder will be the last man standing, and it might be quicker than a lot of people think.

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