Molly McCann: The UFC Ranking Finally Comes

Molly McCann: The UFC Ranking Finally Comes

We often forget the ‘journey’ a fighter goes on in their career. The human side of their story rarely gets told, the struggles and the heartache barely register in the blood and guts sport they earn their living in.

Not everyone can be a UFC champion, anything less is often deemed as failure, but success comes in many forms.

Molly McCann, and long over-due in my opinion, has been finally been giving a UFC ranking in the flyweight division. Being ranked 15 might not mean much to many, but for McCann it’s another step in her quite remarkable life.

With typical balance, respect and thought McCann said on her social media last night:

“We made the top 15 in the world today. I may have previously won a world title, but in the UFC that means nothing. So to make the top 15 with such talent I am over the moon.”

McCann has come a long way since May 2018, a devastating defeat on her UFC debut in front of her own fans in Liverpool looked set to justify her then many critics that she wasn’t and never will be UFC quality. McCann was very much a fighter on the brink.

But not for the first time in her life, McCann fought back against seemingly insurmountable odds. The Liverpool favourite went away, evolved her game and mind, and returned 9-months later a completely different proposition.

McCann after wins in London, Greenville and Boston in 2019 goes back to the place of her maiden UFC win next month against Ashlee Evans-Smith looking to make it 4 wins on the bounce.

Being ranked in the UFC is a significant achievement, but that won’t satisfy McCann. Dreams of title shots might be dismissed as fantasy by some, but McCann has been written off before, but people should look where she was not so long ago.

Being ranked you know is just the latest step on to much bigger things, McCann won’t be satisfied, she wants more, much more.

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