Dubois Stops Fujimoto in Two

Dubois Stops Fujimoto in Two

Kyotaro Fujimoto entered his fight with Daniel Dubois somehow having a world ranking, which says plenty. With so many governing bodies around, unfortunately fighters like Fujimoto will get such undeserved rewards.

Judging him on his performance against Dubois, Fujimoto had no right being in the top 50 let alone anywhere near the top 10 of the heavyweight division. Fujimoto came to survive, it never remotely looked like happening.

Dubois now 14-0 dropped Fujimoto with a jab early in the 2nd, before one big right hand ended his year in some fashion.

With Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury appearing to be tied up for much if not all of 2020, the temptation to rush Dubois is taken out of his team’s hands.

Joe Joyce if he wins the European title early next year would be an obvious and perfect next step for Dubois. In our latest FightPost rankings we had Dubois at number 12, this time next year he could be much higher.

Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

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