UFC 245: Nunes vs de Randamie Preview & Prediction

UFC 245: Nunes vs de Randamie Preview & Prediction

By Alex Conway

The female GOAT Amanda Nunes returns to defend her UFC bantamweight title against number one contender Germaine de Randamie.

This is a rematch of a fight that Nunes won back in 2013. In a lot of ways I see this fight playing out the same way, should Nunes win.

On the feet, Nunes is a powerhouse. Dangerous kicks and punching power that almost every woman she’s ever faced has said after the fact, they’ve never felt before or since. She’s put down every big name in the history of the division save for Valentina Shevchenko.

However, de Randamie is the superior fighter on the feet. She’s far more technical and understands range better at an exceptional level. She might not be able to put Nunes away unless the champ gets tired in later rounds, but I have no doubt that if Nunes doesn’t attempt to mix it up and take it to the ground, de Randamie can outpoint her on the feet.

But Nunes comes from a great camp who have proven to be excellent strategists. Their coaching of her has taken her from a powerful brawler prone to cardio issues to a UFC Hall of Famer double champ. They will have her prepared and hopefully keep her ego in check.

This is the fight for Nunes to show off her ground game. She savaged Cat Zingano on the ground for a round before gassing out. Her cardio issues seem to have resolved themselves and I don’t believe de Randamie can challenge her on the ground to make her tired.

If Nunes makes a concerted effort to grapple, this fight is hers, no doubt. If she stands, then of course she can knock de Randamie out, but it gets a lot more dicey if de Randamie can weather the storm and take it to the later rounds.

I’m picking Nunes by submission in the first or second round.

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