Lee Leading Donovan up the Ladder

Lee Leading Donovan up the Ladder

Former world champion Andy Lee is revelling in life as a coach and manager to Top Rank starlet Paddy Donovan.

Lee is overseeing the career of the next big star from Limerick in ‘Real Deal’ Donovan; a winner of 13 national titles as an amateur who has shone on his two professional assignments to date.

As Donovan prepares to appear on another #MTKFightNight in Bolton on December 20, Lee is thrilled with his charge’s early-career activity.

Lee said: “It’s such an advantage to be this active at such an early stage in Paddy’s career.

“It’s of benefit because it’s not just about learning in the gym but it’s about having a fight each month where he can exercise the things we’ve worked on.

“I’m loving this experience more than I thought I ever would. It’s very gratifying to see Paddy and Jason Quigley improve as boxers and to see something I’ve taught them work in a fight or in sparring.

“Each day we are working on small things that will lead to the fighters improve as overall boxers. It may be specific to the next fight but it’ll be something they always have to call on in the future too.”

Joining Donovan on a busy bill at the University of Bolton Stadium bill – live, exclusive and FREE on iFL TV, are fast-rising Dublin prospect Pierce O’Leary and Liverpool’s former Team GB sensation Blane Hyland.

A host of local stars such as Raza Hamza, Ross Cooksey, Sahir Iqbal, Mike McGoldrick, Macaulay McGowan, Muhammad Ali Zahid and more.

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