Paddy Pimblett: A Year to Forget

Paddy Pimblett: A Year to Forget

For most people, not having to turn up for work and still getting paid would be the perfect scenario. But for Paddy Pimblett it adds further pain to a year he will be glad to see the back of.

After over a year away from competitive MMA action, Pimblett was due to return last Friday at Cage Warriors 111 in London. Sadly for Pimblett his comeback failed to materialise.

Joe Giannetti admittedly took the fight with Pimblett at short-notice, but nevertheless turned up for his shift well over weight, and the fight was pulled from the card.

Yes, Pimblett still got his wage, but it was all he could take away from the episode, he needed more and deserved more.

In recent times the Pimblett hype train has been derailed somewhat, a career suffered of late by weight making issues and injury, Pimblett was looking to make a statement against Giannetti.

Pimblett prepared better than ever and looked in incredible shape for his much-anticipated comeback. You can imagine the pain, torture even, he would have had to endure, and all that effort has now gone to waste, through no fault of his.

The frustration and anger of the situation is obvious in the multiple media interviews Pimblett has done since, clearly and rightfully aggrieved he was denied the opportunity to fight, it could and should have been avoided.

Pimblett wants to showcase his talents in the UFC, but is level-headed enough to realise he needs to get some career momentum going again before the phone rings, last Friday was supposed to be the first steps to getting his wish.

Cage Warriors already have dates announced for 2020, but Pimblett might have to wait while Manchester in March for his next fight, which will surely add to his pain.

MMA isn’t just a job to Pimblett, it’s his life, he needs it. A return can’t come soon enough. 2019 has been a year he won’t remember very fondly, but Pimblett is still young enough to put it behind him.

Many will forget what a talent Pimblett was, in the year ahead he will be hoping to send a few painful reminders.

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