KSI vs Logan Paul: For a Few Dollars More

KSI vs Logan Paul: For a Few Dollars More

KSI and Logan Paul over the weekend did what they always do, they created content for views.

They never entered our world, but we were very strategically, cynically even, manoeuvred into theirs. The sport of boxing wasn’t enhanced by the two YouTubers, but their profiles were most certainly raised as a result of all the worldwide mainstream attention their ‘fight’ received.

Was it a successful experiment, in terms of the money made and the views generated, of course it was, it was never going to be any different. Eddie Hearn is claiming it is the biggest UK PPV of 2019, it says plenty, but there is no doubt it has been a resounding financial success.

Everybody did exceedingly well out of it, the two fighters, DAZN, Sky Sports, Matchroom and all the world’s media, were all very well compensated for their time.

The fight itself went down pretty much the way most predicted, it was sloppy at times, KSI especially lacking any real technique, as he swung his punches in, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Do KSI and Logan Paul deserve respect, of course they do, was it professional boxing, of course it wasn’t. But both didn’t have to settle their differences inside a ring, there are far less painful ways to resolve a dispute, or to earn money, we should give them that at the very least.

It was something different, a story to tell, a feud to settle, but it was entertainment with a little bit of showbiz thrown in for good measure.

Do I want to see it again, not really, will another fight between two people from that world attract the same interest, I seriously doubt it. It was a novelty and hopefully now it has run it’s course. It was nothing more than an amuse-bouche, sandwiched in-between the real fights that have come or are about to come.

Boxing though can learn from it, especially the fighters who do the sport week in week out. There are social media platforms out there that they could utilise more than they do at present, for education on how to grow your brand you could do a lot worse than look at KSI and Logan Paul.

With much justification they can resent all the coverage KSI and Logan Paul have received, but there are certainly lessons to be learned from their success.

KSI and Logan Paul will go back to what they do best, and boxing will return to at least some semblance of normality. It wasn’t the disaster it could very easily have been and it was kinda fun, even I begrudgingly have to admit that.

But once again I am glad the circus has left town, until its inevitable return in another form somewhere down the line.

Photo Credit: Amanda Westcott/DAZN

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