KSI vs Logan Paul: Hopefully One & Done

KSI vs Logan Paul: Hopefully One & Done

By Isaac Martin

Obviously, boxing is one of the hardest sports to get into and even harder to be successful in, you must be the best of several different disciplines in order to succeed and build a fanbase.

For many years star boxers have come and gone. From nothing to a household name one day and then a nobody the next, exactly like your favourite boxing movie.

Despite all this usual hardship and underdog story that comes with most boxers, this weekend brings the possibility that the most watched fight of the year could be between two people who have never boxed professionally before.

KSI vs Logan Paul to the hardcore boxing fan is a nightmare of a tie, two ‘YouTubers’ that dislike each other deciding that they are suddenly skilled boxers so that they can settle a feud has been claimed as ‘embarrassing’ and a ‘sham’ but it doesn’t necessarily have to be all a negative for the sport.

KSI vs Logan Paul could essentially be the bout that inspires a generation. The two Youtubers have over 40 million combined subscribers and celebrity fans on each side of the ring e.g.

In a recent Instagram comment Justin Bieber told Paul to ‘Rip his head off’ when referring to Saturday’s fight, Ultimately the audience for this event could be the biggest boxing has ever seen.

Looking to take advantage of these numbers is everyone’s favourite promoter Eddie Hearn. The man who can often be seen out of context on Twitter pushed KSI and Logan to make the fight a professional one to spice things up and to make people take them more seriously.

Hearn has also placed recently signed middleweight title holder Billy Joe Saunders on the undercard, a big indication that he wants to catch the imagination of some of the 40 million subscribers who will hopefully enjoy what they see and resubscribe to Sky Box Office for Joshua vs. Ruiz II and therefore other fights in the future.

Saunders will be making his American debut against Argentinian fighter Marcelo Esteban Coceres.

Although boxing has a lot to gain on Saturday in Las Vegas, both KSI and Paul have a lot to lose. Obviously, the loser will look silly in their own world, after all the words that have been exchanged but the word from both camps is that both fighters want to carry on their boxing careers after Saturday.

This in my opinion would be a very dangerous move for either YouTube personality, its one thing fighting someone who has never thought before but for KSI or Paul to potentially fight a boxer who’s been fighting and training for a living and not just to settle a grudge would definitely on paper me a one-sided and dangerous affair.

Ultimately, I believe that if boxing can take advantage of Saturday night and look at the positives rather then the negatives then the list of positive possibilities for the future of the sport is endless.

Regarding both KSI and Logan, they may settle their feud but must, in my opinion think long and hard as to if boxing is the world for them, after all I mentioned earlier ‘household name one day and then a nobody the next.’

Boxing carries obvious dangers, nobody is immune to those dangers, both KSI and Logan Paul need to be mindful of that, one and done, and go back to what they know best.

Photo Credit: Amanda Westcott / DAZN

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