Warrington and Warren Cautious to Get the Job Done

Warrington and Warren Cautious to Get the Job Done

By Isaac Martin

‘’I want to send a message’’ and ‘’hopefully this is no banana skin’’ would not be the type of quotes you’d expect from an inform fighter and their Hall of Famer promoter.

But a desire to get the job done and done well was very strong amongst Frank Warren and Josh Warrington ahead of his third title defence this Saturday in Leeds.

Warrington started the press conference by admitting to fans and media that maybe he wasn’t fully focused ahead of his last bout.

‘’We took our eyes off a few things in the last fight against Kid Galahad. We were so concerned about unification fights that I think we took our eye off the ball a few areas of training”

Warrington continued

“This time, I have not looked beyond Takoucht. There is talk about unifications or going back to Elland Road, but the focus is this fight and this fight only.”

“I want an A class performance after the cuddling contest against Galahad. Sofiane can go home a hero by beating me and I can’t let that happen. World champions can get complacent, but we are on a mission.

“My mentality isn’t that this is an instant win. Winning is the most important thing but I want to send a message and win in style.”

Frank Warren echoed Warrington’s cautious attitude but also called out the other fighters to step up and challenge Warrington, with a bout at the home his beloved football team looking likely for his next opponent. ‘

’Hopefully there is no banana skin and if Josh comes through, we can get to Elland Road again.”

“He is the best featherweight on the planet and can go on to become one of the best fighters of his generation.”

“If people say he isn’t the best why don’t Leo Santa Cruz and Oscar Valdez want to fight him?

“Josh is something special and we will make big fights happen, but he has to get past Takoucht.”

Warrington’s French opponent and the number four ranked challenger Sofiane Takoucht was a man of few words due to his struggles with the language barrier but did manage to get across the importance of the fight to him personally over to the media and his opponent.

“I feel good, I have been training hard, I am in the best condition and will show up on the night. Josh is a very good champion, but I need to make an impact in order to win. Winning will change my life and reputation in the boxing world. I believe in myself. I am ready to fight.’’

Warrington cheekily replied due to his opponent’s quietness that Englishmen’s French was better than his European opponent, telling the audience

“Je m’appelle Josh…j’habite a Leeds’ followed by the revelation that he gained a C in GCSE French!

Although the Leeds born boxer stated from the outset that he wasn’t thinking about anything after Saturday’s clash, an interesting question from the crowd asking why they can’t seem to be getting the big names of the featherweight division tied down to fight Warrington, redeemed an interesting answer from the champion.

‘’I’m not going to comment on individual fighters but I believe that the UFC for example in recent years has become a lot bigger because no matter the weight division the best fight the best and I honestly think that boxing and some boxers can learn from that’’

Could that have been a direct message to Warrington’s future opponents? Only time will tell. But as both Frank Warren and Warrington repeatedly reinstated throughout the press conference the Leeds warrior must do the business on Saturday before he can think about fighting Leo Santa Cruz or Oscar Valdez, unifying the division or even fighting again at his beloved Elland Road.

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