An Interview With Unbeaten Prospect Tashan Dwyer

An Interview With Unbeaten Prospect Tashan Dwyer

By The Boxing Kid

Unbeaten Tashan Dwyer has admitted he has big dreams in the sport, despite “never fulfilling his potential in the unpaid ranks.

The talented middleweight currently has an immaculate record of two fights and two wins as he prepares for his third fight at York Hall this weekend, in a show that also features Shane McGuigan trained fighter Chris Billam-Smith.

The 24-year-old has impressed in the professional set up despite only have 17 fights as an amateur as he became a two-time South West Novice Champion in 2014.

And he believes he has a lot more to show after not reaching the hights he should have as an amateur.

“Getting into the sport for me sounds cliché but it was really to get me out of trouble and to keep my anger under control, I started in secondary school and fell in love with the sport.

“I was so unlucky with injuries in the amateurs, sometimes I was in rehab for over a year, I think I must have had at least three years missing out because of injuries.

So I don’t think I ever performed or got to the level I should have, but I fought some good fighters which held me in good stead and was great for experience.

“I am enjoying things now as a pro, I am with Matthew Hurst who is my main coach, I have my amateur coach Michael Campbell as part of the team too and a few other people who are really important.

“My friend was training with Matthew and told me to come down as I was pretty fed up with the sport, so I went down just to see what it was about.

“We clicked straightaway and the main thing is that I always feel like I am learning, I am always picking up new things.

“The way he trains his fighters, his methods really work for me and I feel like I am improving which is so important – on Saturday night we get another victory and keep progressing!”

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