KSI vs Logan Paul: The Circus Returns

KSI vs Logan Paul: The Circus Returns

I have to be honest I have no real idea who KSI and Logan Paul are, all I know they are what this modern age calls YouTube stars. Should I research them, probably, but does it really matter.

Whatever they do, they have managed to create worldwide interest in their feud. The first fight somehow generated over 2 million views, it ended in a draw hence why they will get to run it back, this time as professional boxers.

A two-weight world champion Billy Joe Saunders and a potential superstar Devin Haney will play a supporting role, much to the dismay, disgust even to the boxing traditionalists.

You have to be sympathetic with the old guard, but times change, not always for the better. We now live in age of click bait, views equals revenue, somehow their beef ticks every box that is required in that department.

It doesn’t resemble boxing, it’s show business, which even puts the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor charade to shame, the circus is back.

At today’s press conference in London, True Geordie another YouTube sensation was in charge of the proceedings, Shannon Briggs kept shouting “Let’s go champ” to anyone that would listen, which wasn’t many. The swear words flowed, the insults came thick and fast, was it entertaining, maybe to some.

The rematch is being shown on DAZN in America and Sky Box Office in the UK, and you have to wonder what Adam Smith really thinks of it all. Sky and Matchroom will undoubtedly earn a tidy some from it all, but you have to hope it’s a one and done deal, does boxing really need this.

We’ve recently seen Tyson Fury enter the WWE arena, and this feels it really belongs there also.

Despite the millions of new eyes it will bring to boxing, I’m not convinced many of those fans will stay around for more. KSI vs Logan Paul isn’t boxing, certainly not in the purest sense, the fans that enjoy this type of spectacle will not enjoy the real thing.

Everyone concerned will no doubt do very well out of it, but personally I find it all rather bizzare, not for me.

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