Joseph Ward & Israel Madrimov: The Importance of a Good Transition from the Amateurs to the Professional Ranks

Joseph Ward & Israel Madrimov: The Importance of a Good Transition from the Amateurs to the Professional Ranks

By Jack Davies

This past weekend on a rainy night in New York, we saw Gennady Golovkin claim two vacant world titles against a game Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Although the bloody war was undoubtedly fight of the night, it is interesting to pay some attention to two of the prospects who fought on the undercard.

Israel Madrimov was part of the bustling Eastern amateur scene. Named as best boxer in the 2017 World Boxing Series picking up a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Olympic Games and a silver medal at the 2011 World Amateur Championships, it was anticipated that he would transition well into the professional game.

Recently picking up a TKO win against the durable Alejandro Barrera, it is expected that Madrimov will fight for a world title within the next twelve months.

Also on the undercard was Irish amateur standout Joseph Ward. Picking up a gold medal in the 2015 and 2017 European Championships, Ward was expected to pick up the win against (5-1) Michael Delgado.

However, his night in Madison Square Garden ended drastically on his professional debut as in just the second round he took a step back and his knee gave way, leaving him vulnerable for the ten count. unfortunately he was unable to continue.

Those in the boxing world will be sure that Ward will be able to come back and pick up European, or maybe even world titles along with his fellow amateur successors.

However, the comparison of both him and Madrimov on the night in New York tell a story of how important it is to transition well in the professional game and how those who were amateur stars can progress so quickly.

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