Paddy Pimblett: Making Up For Lost Time

Paddy Pimblett: Making Up For Lost Time

Fighters are quite rightly perceived as some of the toughest people on the planet, but in many ways they are also the most fragile.

Remove what they do, what they love, what feeds, many are not the same, something is missing in their lives. They become incomplete, in simple terms they need to fight.

Paddy Pimblett has suffered more than most, a year or so of hell, injury stopping him doing what he loves, what he craves.

Pimblett hasn’t fought since last September, a decision loss to Soren Bak for the Cage Warriors lightweight title. The fractured wrist which restricted him in the Bak fight, has kept him out of the cage ever since.

Pimblett (14-3) is on record saying he has suffered with depression during his time away, crediting the support of his Next Generation teammates as the only reason why he is still here, a chilling insight into what Pimblett has been through.

But after his annus horribilis 2019, there is now hope, a chance to finish the year on a high. Top contender Donovan Desmae will welcome Pimblett back at CW111.

After his extended time away and the reasons why, few would have complained if Pimblett had taken a safer option for his comeback fight, but it looks as though Pimblett is intent on making up for lost time.

A win over Desmae in November should see Pimblett get another opportunity to become a two-weight Cage Warriors champion.

Pimblett is still only 24, and if his body allows, his peak is still ahead of him. Without the innocence, naivety and the temptations of his youth, we could now see a much better version of Pimblett.

It’s obvious that Pimblett needs fighting in his life, and despite his recent troubles his supreme confidence is still very much there.

Pimblett told me a few weeks ago he still believes he’s the best lightweight in the world, at least we now have the opportunity of seeing if he is right.


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