Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin: Heart, Regret and Flaws

Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin: Heart, Regret and Flaws

I’ve finally caught up with last weekend’s tougher than expected Tyson Fury’s fight with Otto Wallin. Being away for a week meant I’ve had to watch on a 7 day delay.

While I was aware of the result and even how tough a night it was for Fury, I still wanted to watch the fight in full to fully form my own opinion.

Fury without any shadow of a doubt won the fight, 116-112 or 117-111 was about right. Wallin despite his above expectations performance only won 3/4 rounds at the most in my opinion.

If Wallin had a bit more belief it might have got really interesting. I wonder if his mindset wasn’t getting blown away, or just putting on a respectable showing. The odds and every single pundit gave him no chance and if he went in the fight with hope rather than confidence, lacking real conviction he could win, then you can understand if that was the difference between winning and losing.

Despite his spirited effort, Wallin after reflecting on the fight might be having at least some regret, a missed opportunity maybe, could he have done a little more.

The cut Fury suffered in the 3rd was a shocker, and could quite easily have been stopped, and it would have been interesting if Wallin had suffered the same type of cut. If the fight was in New York, I have no doubt Fury would have been stopped.

Fury to his credit didn’t look for an excuse or a way out, he bravely fought on to grind out the win, even looking on the verge of a stoppage towards the end of the fight.

The cut certainly played it’s part in Fury’s performance, but even so I think it is worrying for his rematch with Deontay Wilder which is tentatively scheduled for early next year, subject to the cuts healing and Wilder getting past Luis Ortiz later this year.

Fury has now had 5 fights since he launched his comeback last June. Only the Wilder and the Wallin fights have given us a real indication of where Fury lies in the current heavyweight landscape.

The Wilder performance was an incredible showing after all the problems and his comeback still very much in its infancy. The general view was that Fury would improve substantially on that fight, but was that his best chance of beating Wilder.

Wilder now knows what he has to beat, I’m not convinced he thought Fury was any sort of test for him in December. While not trying to diminish what Fury did against Wilder, but did it flatter Fury somewhat.

The rematch with Wilder is a different fight on a different night, but judging Fury on the Wallin fight, Wilder’s chances seemed to have drastically improved. The betting odds still seem to favour Fury, you can get around 5/4 on Wilder which look incredibly generous to me, not to mention tempting.

I don’t think you can dismiss this fight as a one off or put all the blame on the cut, I found it all extremely worrying for Fury.

Wallin didn’t look anything special, yes he fought well but still wouldn’t be worthy of a top 10 place in any independent rankings, there are far better heavyweights around than Wallin.

Fury was caught way too easily, and if that was a Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr or an Anthony Joshua, I doubt Fury would still be unbeaten.

Everyone is entitled to an off night and Fury might just have had one of those nights, it could just be down to over-training as was alluded to post-fight.

But whatever the problem was at least the warning signs are clear, time to fix the flaws. The Wilder fight probably gave Team Fury a large dose of complacency, if so, they now know there is work to be done, and plenty of it.

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