The FightPost One-Minute Interview: Natasha Jonas

The FightPost One-Minute Interview: Natasha Jonas

Natasha Jonas is a former Olympian, boxing at the 2012 London games, and as an amateur is a former medalist at European and World level.

Jonas is now a professional with a 8-1 record.

1: What’s Your Biggest Weakness

I wouldn’t want to say šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£ My daughter, or swimming and being too kind. That killer instinct.

2: What’s Your Biggest Strength

My Accuracy.

3: The Thing You Most Regret

It was out of my control, but missing the Rio Olympics.

4: The Thing You Are Most Proud Of

My daughter, qualifying for the 2012 Olympics and making my family proud. Coming out with an Olympic record, even though I didn’t win a medal.

5: What Annoys You The Most

Bad manners and losing.

6: What’s The Worst Advice You Have Received

Boxing is about kill or be killed šŸ™„ You can’t do that because…

7: What’s The Best Advice You Have Received

People want to see you do well but not better than them. Keep your guard, standards and heels high.

8: The Person You Most Admire

My nan, mum and baby girl. Family aside Tanni Grey-Thompson.

9: If You Could Invite 3 Famous People To a Dinner Party, Who Would They Be

Tanni Grey-Thompson, Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama.

10: What’s The One Thing In The World That You’d Change

How hateful it can be.

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