Fury vs Wallin: A Sorry Excuse For a PPV

Fury vs Wallin: A Sorry Excuse For a PPV

There have been many great heavyweight fights in Las Vegas throughout the course of boxing history, however, it’s highly unlikely we will see another this Saturday.

Tyson Fury returns this weekend against the unbeaten European heavyweight Otto Wallin.

It’s one of those fights where it is likely to be a case of when or how rather than if Fury will win. But yet despite the obvious, BT Sport feel fit to charge us an additional fee for the pleasure of watching the charade in the middle of the night.

It’s the third article in as many weeks about PPV on UK screens, and sadly the worst excuse for a PPV since the last Fury fight ends the recent triple header of PPV cards for UK fight fans.

Fury vs Wallin is a feeble excuse for a PPV, a wafer thin argument for the current trend, and sums up everything that is wrong with the current model.

PPV should be used for that rarity of a fight, a blockbuster of a showdown, but now it’s a case of can we get away with, let’s milk it for all it is worth.

Surely there should be at least some doubt about the outcome of what we are being asked to pay for, odds of 1/50 on a Fury win in some places should tell you that there is no doubt.

Wallin looks a minor step up from Tom Schwarz, but like Schwarz, Wallin has been picked for a reason. Fury has a supposed date with Deontay Wilder in 2020, and you can understand, at least to a point, that you don’t want to jeopardise what lies ahead too much.

But equally you have to ask what does Fury get out of it from a boxing sense. Outside of the first meeting with Wilder, Fury hasn’t had any real competitive action since he launched his inspirational comeback last year. A tougher test within certain boundaries would probably serve Fury better.

The return of Fury is a film in waiting, his return from all his problems is something quite special, his performance against Wilder was extraordinary, a miraculous showcase of his skills. Only the judges denied Fury what he rightfully deserved.

Since that fight Fury has signed his highly lucrative deal with Top Rank/ESPN and good luck to him. But when you start asking subscribers to pay extra there should be far greater quality control in the product that’s being served up.

Tyson Fury might be a PPV fighter, but his fight with Wallin is not a PPV fight, nowhere near.


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