Logan Paul v KSI 2: My Opinion

Logan Paul v KSI 2: My Opinion

By Aidan O’Connor

So, this week it was announced that KSI and Logan Paul would be squaring off once again, but this time it will be a professional bout on DAZN and likely Sky Sports Box Office.

This has come as music to the ears of many of their millions of fans who have been waiting for it, but it has left a sour taste in the mouth of some of the more ‘Hardcore’ boxing fans around the world. But why?

As somebody who is neck deep in the YouTube community and somebody who watched the previous fight/build up etc. I would really like to put my opinion forward on this one.

KSI v Logan Paul 1 sold out Manchester Arena, pulled in around 1.5 concurring PPV views on YouTube and many millions more on twitch and other platforms.

Overall on only their YouTube channel they have accumulated a stunning 75 million views across all promotions, trailers and the fight replays. The viewers are mainly a young audience, if I was to hazard a guess I would say between the ages of maybe 10-15 majority wise.

So, think of that last fights statistics, amplify it with Eddie Hearn’s expertise, a world class undercard and on PPV on DAZN and you have a brand-new audience that are getting the opportunity to experience a new level of boxing.

Let’s talk about the first fight then. Both guys had been training extremely hard, posting extensive videos with an insight to their training and the work they were putting in, so we were expecting good things.

It was set as a 6 round fight and both combatants were committing to the fact that it would not go the distance.

Rounds 1-2 were hugely dominated by Logan, controlling the pace, using his reach to gage his opponent and just all-round boxing smarter but then he gassed late in the third, to which KSI began to take control.

By control I mean swinging for the fences at every opportunity whilst Logan tried to catch his breath.

In terms of boxing ability Logan performed extremely well, it was his cardio that let him down. KSI on the other hand was not using his techniques correctly and instead would try to get Logan out there as soon as possible with power punches.

Eventually the fight ended in a majority draw. Many thought that this was fixed for a rematch and on paper that sounds about right but the contract was released shortly after and there was a rematch clause already in there. That and the fact it was at least 2 rounds to each fighter, with 2 up in the air and the draw makes sense.

So, who is more ready for this rematch? I have tried to keep as up to date with the goings on as possible, I listen to the Impaulsive Podcast most episodes and keep track on what Logan is saying about combat sports. I watch the odd KSI video but quite honestly, it’s a hard watch.

Logan always talks about his sparring, his ambitions for the future and usually has his guests on that have something to inspire him with.

KSI however, spends most of his time sat at his desk talking smack about other youtubers online. There are levels between the two right now. KSI has put a mountain of weight on since the last fight whilst Logan is keeping fit and ready for anything.

This fight goes only one way for me, last time KSI had headgear to keep him safe, this time there is nothing and I feel he is going to be stopped quite early.

One thing I know for sure though is that this is great for boxing if it is done correctly. No cringe press conferences, no children screaming obscenities at the fighters as they speak on the stage and a bit of order.

As this fight is being labelled as professional, it needs to be handled in a professional manor. If that is done, then I feel that this will be highly successful.

My fight pick: Logan Paul to win via TKO in round 5.

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