Lomachenko Denies a Brave Campbell

Lomachenko Denies a Brave Campbell

The wide margins of the scorecards do not reflect the effort and skills of Luke Campbell. Lomachenko won by scores of 119-108, 119-108, 118-109, but those scores don’t tell the story of the fight.

Vasyl Lomachenko is extremely close to being the ultimate fighting machine, but Campbell gave him a far tougher fight than nearly every pundit thought he would.

Campbell had his moments, he nicked the 1st, had good rounds in the 9th and 10th, but Lomachenko was just too much for the incredibly brave challenger.

Lomachenko threatened to overwhelm Campbell in the 5th and the 11th, but Campbell just wouldn’t go.

Frank Bruno had one brief moment in his first fight with Mike Tyson, and Campbell had a similar moment in the 7th. But like Bruno, he couldn’t find the follow up punches needed to cause the seismic upset. Lomachenko was ever so briefly stunned, but Campbell was made to pay for his success later in the round.

Campbell let nobody down, and was well in the fight despite the judges cards. He was down in the 11th, but it would have been so harsh if he hadn’t seen the final bell.

Lomachenko struggled at times with the size and length of his opponent, but ultimately that little bit of extra class won on the night.

The fans at the O2 Arena were lucky to be in the presence of greatness, one of the best ever, but Campbell gave him one hell of a fight.

Lomachenko is rightfully hailed as one of the best of his generation, but Campbell deserves his due, he pushed him hard, and just for a few seconds, the mission impossible looked on.

The future looks like a tilt at full unification for the brilliant Lomachenko, on Saturday night he added the WBC to his WBA and WBO lightweight titles, few would bet against him adding the one remaining belt.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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