FightPost Team Predictions: Lomachenko vs Campbell

FightPost Team Predictions: Lomachenko vs Campbell

By Josh Wooler

Boxing superstar Vasyl Lomachenko makes his U.K. professional debut tonight in his Sky Box Office clash with Luke Campbell at London’s O2 Arena.

The Ukrainian (13-1, 10KO) is the huge favourite going into the fight, with very few believing anyone – let alone Campbell – can beat him.

This will mark Campbell’s (20-2, 16KO) second attempt to win a world title, having narrowly lost a split decision to Jorge Linares almost two years ago. He is naturally the bigger man, hugely talented, an Olympic gold medallist and Britain’s most decorated amateur fighter, but I still can’t see him walking out of the ring with the belts.

He’ll want to use his size to his advantage early on to make the best possible start – perhaps the only way to stop Lomachenko is to take the fight to him right from the off and hope to catch him cold.

At 31 years old, Lomachenko is a 2-time Olympic champion, a 3-weight world champion and arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. His reflexes and ring IQ are unmatched by any current boxer in any weight class and it feels as he’ll defeat anybody placed in front of him.

I don’t mean to discredit Campbell, but Lomachenko is simply too good in my opinion and I think he’ll be stopped on his feet – either by the ref or his corner shortly after the half-way mark.

It’s a clean sweep for Lomachenko from the FightPost team this week; it isn’t a question of if and for most it’s not a question of how – but a question of when.

It’s unfortunate for Campbell that his two fights at the top level have come against world class operators in Linares and Lomachenko and I do think he’ll become a world champion one day, but not tonight.

Aidan O’Connor: Lomachenko KO 9

Ben Gibson: Lomachenko KO 6

Dan McConnell: Lomachenko KO 7

FightPost: Lomachenko KO 9

Gary Kittilsen: Lomachenko Decision

Henry Walter: Lomachenko KO 12

Jack Maher: Lomachenko KO 10

Jack Price: Lomachenko Decision

Jordan Victor: Lomachenko KO 5

Josh Wooler: Lomachenko KO 9

Nathan Cartwright: Lomachenko KO 6

Sina Latif: Lomachenko KO 7

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