A Boxing Memory: Mayweather Stops McGregor in 10 Rounds 

A Boxing Memory: Mayweather Stops McGregor in 10 Rounds 

The task was always going to be way too much for Conor McGregor, even a softer faded Floyd Mayweather had far too many skills for the UFC star.

The 10th round stoppage saved McGregor from absorbing any more unnecessary punches, his night was done, his chance of winning long gone.


McGregor did better than most thought he would, I had him winning the first 3 rounds, and maybe the 8th as well. But I never got the impression that Mayweather would lose, there was a sense of inevitability about it, there always was.

The judges sadly didn’t give McGregor credit for his early work, 8 rounds to Mayweather, really, call it out how you see it not what you want to see.

But the judges were never likely to be needed after a strong 9th for Mayweather where McGregor did extremely well to see that round through, ruining my prediction in the process.


But Mayweather finished the job in the 10th, and he retires with an unblemished 50-0 record, although how he reached that milestone will always be questioned.

The end to his career leaves me cold, picking Andre Berto and then McGregor was cynical, calculated but ultimately smart business.

But ignore how it ended and Mayweather’s record speaks for itself, The Best Ever, not for me, but he’s definitely in the conversation.

The expected fast start didn’t really come for McGregor, and other than one uppercut in the first we didn’t really see any evidence of his power.

I thought he was blowing even after the 2nd, despite the pace being very pedestrian, and a pace he was setting. It was like the first Nate Diaz fight, but off a much slower pace, which is something future UFC opponents will surely note, and is a weakness he seriously needs to address.

McGregor dared to enter another world, and enter it at the very highest level, and he was far from disgraced, it was his professional boxing debut remember and against one of the greatest fighters from any era.

They said McGregor wouldn’t land a punch let alone win a round, he did both.

I don’t subscribe to the view that Mayweather let McGregor win rounds or that McGregor was carried, that frankly is an insult to both fighters. Mayweather played it safe, and gradually stepped up the pace once all danger had passed.

The two worlds have aligned for this fight, but I hope we see no more crossover fights, hopefully it’s one and done.

It wasn’t the freak show we feared, and everybody goes off to count their money, so after all the criticism about the fight, they just about got away with it.

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