Conor McGregor: Time is Running Out

Conor McGregor: Time is Running Out

You only have to look at the career of Mike Tyson for a story of a fighter who achieved so much, but could and should have achieved a lot more. Tyson at his peak was near unbeatable, a ferocious formidable fighter.

But Tyson had his demons, a personal life which at times spiralled out of control, including serving 3 years for a rape conviction in 1992. Tyson had further multiple brushes with the law in his roller-coaster of a life.

It seems that unless Conor McGregor gets the help he surely needs, it’s only a matter of time before he to will end up losing his freedom at some point in his life.

For the last year or so McGregor has largely been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier this year the New York Times broke the story that McGregor was under investigation for an alleged sexual assault which took place last December in Dublin, although there have been no news of any charges being brought against McGregor as a result of those investigations.

McGregor was arrested after an incident on the 11th March outside a Miami hotel. McGregor was accused of stealing and damaging a fans phone, the charges were later dropped.

Last year McGregor accepted a plea deal arising from the infamous dolly’ attack. McGregor pled guilty to one count of disorderly conduct and was forced to undergo five days of community service, and an anger management evaluation over several days.

But it seems McGregor hasn’t learnt from those incidents. Video footage from TMZ shows McGregor allegedly punching a man in his 50’s for refusing a free drink in a Dublin pub on the 6th April this year.

A Garda spokesman said they are investigating the incident, but no charges have yet materialised from that investigation.

It’s difficult to fully judge this or any other incident unless you have all the facts, but if the footage is real, there can be no excuse for punching this elderly gentleman.

The UFC didn’t punish McGregor for the ‘dolly’ incident, he should have received a lengthy suspension, arguably a lot more. That to me is part of the problem, McGregor seems to do what he wants, and so far has got away with it.

Whatever the provacation, if any, McGregor needs to learn to walk away, or stop putting himself in such situations. Fame and wealth are as much a curse as a blessing, many fighters before McGregor have believed they can do anything and get away with it, most eventually find out that they can’t.

McGregor is in the last part of his MMA career, maybe one or two fights left at the most. McGregor once had an obsession for the sport, it badly needs to return in more ways than one.

There is no doubt McGregor has lit up the sport, brought it to unbelievable heights. But sadly in recent times his behaviour has brought a dark shadow over the sport. There is still time for last glorious run, but time is running out, and fast.

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