Andy Ruiz Jr Denies a Deal is Done

Andy Ruiz Jr Denies A Deal is Done

Boxing at times is nothing more than an illusion, nothing is rarely as it seems.

Last Friday it was announced that Anthony Joshua would get his opportunity at revenge over Andy Ruiz Jr on December 7th in Saudi Arabia.

On Monday at a press conference in London, Eddie Hearn confirmed the fight was signed, sealed and delivered, seemingly removing concerns that Ruiz had yet to agree to the rematch. Neither fighter was present in London for the press conference.

But it seems Hearn might have made the announcements a little prematurely if Ruiz is to be believed. On his social media the new world heavyweight champion had this to say:

“The fight is going to happen soon. I’m trying to give hope, give motivation to all my people. It’s going to be on my terms, our terms. We’re going to bring it back here in the United States. It’s like I said, I don’t have no protection over there (Saudi Arabia).”

Hearn seems unconcerned about those comments from Ruiz, and in an interview with Sky Sports he said:

“He signed a contract with us that he was absolutely over the moon with. That gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. He will 100 per cent honour that contract. His choice is to have a legal battle that could put him out of boxing for years, or to defend his belts for a lot of money against a guy he has already beaten.”

The whole saga seems set to rumble on for some time yet, and despite what Hearn says, a mutually agreed deal looks a little way off at the moment.

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