The Top 5 Biggest Punchers in Boxing History

The Top 5 Biggest Punchers in Boxing History

By Henry Walter

5. Earnie Shavers
74 Wins (68 KOs) 14 Losses 1 Draw


Earnie Shavers competed in the 1970s and fought a who’s who of heavyweight champions and challengers from that golden era. Shavers’ conclusive one punch power saw him stun both Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes in title fights and knock out such notable names as Ken Norton, Jimmy Ellis and Jimmy Young. Shavers is widely regarded as one of the biggest punching heavyweights of all time.

4. Julian Jackson
55 Wins (49 KOs) 6 Losses

Jackson is a three-time world champion in two weight classes, who was renowned for his concussive power. Competing primarily in the middleweight division, Jackson terrorised the biggest names in the category time and time again. Fighters such as Herol Graham, Terry Norris and Buster Drayton all failed to go the distance with him.

3. Wilfredo Gomez
44 Wins (42 KOs) 4 Losses 1 Draw

Gomez is a former three-time world champion. He is frequently mentioned among the best Puerto Rican boxers of all time by sports journalists and his seventeen consecutive knockout wins in championship defenses is a record for all boxing divisions.

After drawing on his debut, Gomez reeled off a quite astonishing thirty-two knockout wins in a row. He is widely thought of as one of the hardest hitters of all time in any division.

2. Mike Tyson
50 Wins (44 KOs) 6 losses 2 No Contests


“Iron” Mike Tyson turned professional in 1985 and immediately went on a knockout run that saw him dispatch his first nineteen opponents inside the distance, fifteen in the very first round.

Unlike many, Tyson was still able to utilize his power at world level and managed a string of knockouts against elite opposition, with the highlight of his career being a sensational first round KO win of Michael Spinks to become the lineal champion.

1. Edwin Valero
27 Wins (27 KOs) 0 Losses

Edwin Valero turned pro in 2002 with an unremarkable first round KO win over one Eduardo Hernandez. What is rather more remarkable is the fact that he went on to KO his next seventeen opponents, also in the very first round.

Valero utilised a ferocious whirlwind style, combined with chilling power and pinpoint accuracy to capture world titles in both the super-featherweight and the lightweight divisions, winning both by knockout.

Valero’s incredible knockout run saw him KO both fellow champions and top class contenders such as Antonio Pitalua, Hector Valezquez and Antonio DeMarco.

Sadly, after being arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife, Valero took his own life whilst in prison. He was a deeply troubled man, with a history of substance abuse and violent outbursts. Yet he was also a truly brilliant fighter with quite remarkable power.

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