An Interview With Amy Timlin

An Interview With Amy Timlin

By @BWTalkingSport

Amy Timlin is a 19 year old professional boxer from Southam in Warwickshire. For someone so young, yet so dedicated to her profession, it’s hard to see anything other than Amy becoming a success in the sport that has changed her life.

Amy was 5 years old when she first walked into the gym having tagged along with her brother for fun. It would be through kickboxing where she would get her first taste of self defence and a taste of success as well, capturing the British title, five national titles, a Commonwealth title, European title and a world title.

This was all a far cry from what her life could have become; in fact she might not have had one at all. She openly admits:

“If I wasn’t a boxer I probably wouldn’t have been here today to have this interview. I used to surround myself with the wrong people, my mates used to do drugs and drink alcohol so if I didn’t get into boxing, I probably would have got myself into serious trouble by now. I never had an education because like I said my friends weren’t the best influences, so they used to lead me down the wrong path and I never used to turn up to school because of it.”

Having grown up in a rough area surrounded by the wrong people, it would have been hard to envisage the life Amy is now living. Thankful for what boxing has given her and hopeful of what the future holds, Amy reflects:

“I didn’t really have a life before boxing but now I’m in the best place I could possibly be in and I couldn’t imagine myself doing any other sport. To have also won as many things as I have, I’ve come from nothing so to be a professional boxer who can hopefully win a world title, so that would be a dream come true.”


When asked about Amy’s style of fighting and what makes her different to the other fighters in her division her response was:

“I’m a very well rounded fighter. I have multiple ways of fighting, I’m a come forward, aggressive boxer but I’m also very skilful so I can outbox my opponent when needed. Most of the girls in my category are basic; they don’t use angles, or head movement. They don’t go up and down the body like I do and I would put this down the fact I’ve come from an amateur background where my coach was Frankie Gavin. My technique and knowledge has mainly come from him. I look up to the likes of Anthony Crolla, Stephen Smith, Billy Joe Saunders; I aspire to be like them the most.”

I was keen to find out about some of the struggles fighters face behind the scenes and when asked about the difficulty of fighters making weight, Amy responded:

“For me, weight is never really an issue. I make bantamweight quite easily, by eating clean foods and training hard but I’m also aware of the extremes some fighters have to go to. For example epsom salt baths and a sweat suit with a minimum diet, some boxers even have to go on a keto diet to cut weight which is not good at all for your body!”


Amy mentioned ticket sales as being the most stressful part of boxing:

“Ticket sales are the most stressful thing about professional boxing, it’s very frustrating when you have to chase the same people constantly for ticket money, we just want to concentrate on training and the fight but the stress can make it difficult for us fighters.”

When asking Amy what she would change about boxing, she said the following:

“Boxing is far too political; the one thing I would change would be to have more random knocks on the doors of boxers, for drug testing. It’s not done enough which leads to fighters getting away with taking illegal substances to cheat their way to a win. Fighters get away with taking illegal substances to cheat in order to win and I really think that needs to change.”


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