BRAVE 24 Could Prove a Seminal Moment for the Sport’, IMMAF President

BRAVE 24 Could Prove a Seminal Moment for the Sport’, IMMAF President

BRAVE Combat Federation’s first trip to England is set to take mixed martial arts to the next level and could prove to become the start of a new era to the sport. That’s according to IMMAF president Kerrith Brown, who’s in charge of the biggest amateur MMA tournament in the world, and a partner of BRAVE CF and the Kingdom of Bahrain, the host nation for the IMMAF-WMMAA World Championships.

According to Mr. Brown, a former Olympic athlete and bronze medalist in judo, BRAVE Combat Federation is doing the right thing by exposing MMA to a new audience and believes the publicity that will be drawn from BRAVE 24 could prove to become a seminal moment for the sport in the continental and world scales, and hopes that the 2019 edition of the World Championships also benefits from the already historical show.

“Publicity from the event should boost Brave’s profile over here and I hope also increase awareness about the amateur World Championships in Bahrain in November. I think a lot of benefits for the sport will come through connections made at the event and the opportunities that are developed from these. Looking back, it could prove a truly seminal event”.

The former judoka has also praised the work done by His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the founder and visionary of BRAVE CF, in attracting so many VIP personalities to the event and focusing on the development of mixed martial arts as a whole. Mr. Brown is proud to be associated with such a key figure in the combat sports world.

“It is fantastic that His Highness has engaged the interest of such reputed influencers, which can only help raise the profile of the sport. I feel proud to be associated with the work of His Highness Sheikh Khalid and his commitment to the sport globally. BRAVE 24 will be yet another milestone for Bahraini MMA, and I wish the team every success for the event”, said Mr. Brown.

BRAVE 24: London will take place at the Copper Box Arena, on July 25th. While the show is an invite-only, exclusive event, BRAVE CF fans will be able to watch BRAVE 24 for free by signing up to BRAVE TV. The live and free stream won’t be available for fans from Brazil, the Middle East, the United States, and the Philippines. They can check the official BRAVE TV ( website for listings.

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