FightPost Team Predictions: Pacquiao vs Thurman

FightPost Team Predictions: Pacquiao vs Thurman

By Josh Wooler

Las Vegas will host the biggest boxing event of this weekend when Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman battle it out for the WBA Welterweight title. Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39KO), currently holds the ‘Regular’ version of the crown, whilst Thurman (30-0, 22KO) holds the ‘Super’ version.

Thurman returned to the ring in January with a majority decision victory over Josesito Lopez following a two-year layoff after unifying titles against Danny Garcia. Victory here for Thurman would get his career firmly back on track, but despite being ten years his senior, Pacquiao, who impressed in his decision win over Adrien Broner in January may well feel the fresher, more in-form fighter given Thurman’s inactivity.

All but one of the Filipino’s last eleven victories have gone the distance and Thurman has also been taken the full twelve rounds quite regularly in recent years after compiling an impressive KO record earlier in his career so I’m not predicting a stoppage for either fighter, and neither are the majority of the FightPost team.

There is however a division over who will walk away with the title after the fight. While Thurman is bigger, stronger and younger than Pacquiao, I still think the veteran has the edge in terms of speed and I think he is more likely to hurt Thurman than the other way round.

I’m expecting Thurman to start well, using his size to keep Pacquiao on the outside and to bully him when he does manage get inside but as the fight goes on Thurman’s inactivity (there were signs of ring-rust against Lopez) will show and Pacquiao’s superior experience will allow him to control the fight and nick a tight points decision.

Amir Khan recently claimed that he will be fighting Pacquiao next regardless of what happens on Saturday but we have been here before with those two and I’m hoping that whoever wins will instead go on to challenge one of the other champions in a competitive welterweight division.

Team Predictions:

Aidan O’Connor Pacquiao Decision

Ben Gibson Pacquiao Decision

Daniel Gibbon Thurman Decision

Dan McConnell Thurman Decision

FightPost Thurman Decision

Gary Kittilsen Pacquiao Decision

Henry Walter Pacquiao Decision

Jack Maher Pacquiao Decision

Jack Price Pacquiao Decision

Jordan Victor Thurman Decision

Josh Wooler Pacquiao Decision

Liam Lawer Pacquiao Decision

Matthew Dean Pacquiao Decision

Rachel Twolives Thurman Decision

Sina Latif Thurman Decision

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