David Price Upsets Dave Allen

David Price Upsets Dave Allen

In recent times there have been very loud calls for David Price to retire, setback after setback seemingly left the Liverpool fighter on the road to nowhere.

But at the O2 Arena, Price gave the performance of his life against Doncaster’a Dave Allen. A career saving win, that nobody surely can begrudge.

Allen didn’t or more likely couldn’t put Price under enough pressure to make him fold. But it would be unfair to focus on what Allen didn’t do, and ignore what Price did do.

The jab thudded home with more conviction than we have seen in recent fights, the big right hand and an impressive uppercut landed all night long. Allen soaked it all up, but was thoroughly outboxed.

Allen landed enough, but Price impressively took them, he didn’t fold either physically or mentally, Price was simply the better fighter on the night.

Allen was sensibly pulled out at the end of the 10th, and was immediately taken to hospital, hopefully only a precautionary measure.

Price hasn’t delivered on the promise he once shown, but even if its for one night only, he delivered tonight.

Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing

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