The British Heavyweights: The Weekend That Was

The British Heavyweights: The Weekend That Was

This past weekend saw four British heavyweights take the next step in their careers, and this weekend, four more do the same.

This Saturday, Dillian Whyte, Dereck Chisora, Dave Allen and David Price are all in action at the O2 Arena in London. For some careers are on the line, for others immediate ambitions are to be tested.

Frank Warren gave us a refreshing change this past weekend, Daniel Dubois and Nathan Gorman his two young heavyweight hopefuls fought each other, when it would have been easier, smarter even, to go on separate paths. The same show also saw Joe Joyce in action against fringe contender Bryant Jennings, another good fight, at least on paper.

The forgotten fighter of British heavyweight boxing Hughie Fury started the proceedings on Friday night. Fury’s fight with an ancient Samuel Peter promised very little, and delivered even less.

Fury was coming off another pointless fight with Chris Norrad, his win over Peter did nothing to enhance his career. After defeats to Joseph Parker and Kubrat Pulev, Fury needs to start fighting a much better quality of fighter to force his way back into the reckoning on the world stage.

There are plenty of domestic heavyweights he could be facing, and perhaps he would have been better served keeping his British title, rather than meeting the likes of Norrad and Peter.

Joyce got past Jennings, but didn’t impress. Joyce is only 10 fights in, and Jennings was a step up, but you seriously worry what would happen if some of the top tier fighters shared a ring with him.

It was interesting that Warren mentioned Gorman as a possible opponent for Joyce despite losing to Dubois in the main event on Saturday night. However, I don’t see that fight happening, Gorman needs building back up, and a win over Gorman does little for Joyce.

In fairness Joyce is probably better than he looks, and he may well have the beating of some heavyweights in the top 10. Some of the old guard might be within his reach, but the very best in the division look to be too much. Jennings with a little more ambition and belief might have pulled off the upset, as Joyce moves up, he might not be so fortunate in the future.

Gorman deserves credit for facing Dubois, while it would be way too early to right him off, but he looks to have found his level. When Dubois ultimately gives up the British title, that might be where Gorman can come again. Do I see Gorman going much higher than British level, if I’m honest no.

Dubois ticked virtually every box against Gorman. A 50/50 on paper fight was anything but, and at 21, Dubois is not even close to being the finished article.

Even now, the likes of Hughie Fury and Joyce look realistic targets. Joyce would be easy to make, but I don’t see Frank Warren making the two becomes one fight.

Dubois looks to have real potential, and once the dust has settled at the top end of the division, Dubois could be in prime position to challenge whoever is left standing.

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