Mayweather vs McGregor: Showbiz on Showtime

Mayweather vs McGregor: Showbiz on Showtime

I think it’s fair to say most people think the fight shouldn’t have been made, but when there is money to be made, and lots of it, we can all understand why it has been made.

I don’t blame Mayweather or McGregor, if there are people willing to pay them ludicrous amounts of money to fight, and a gullible public who will no doubt buy into it and buy the PPV in their millions, then that’s not the fault of the two fighters.

It should not have been sanctioned, how can anyone legitimately argue that the self proclaimed best ever should be fighting someone from another sport with no professional boxing experience.

Joe Duffy, one of only 3 men to defeat Conor McGregor in a MMA cage, has a 7-0 pro boxing record. You couldn’t seriously try and market Mayweather vs Duffy, nobody would give Duffy a chance, and he has some, albeit limited experience as a pro boxer.

If McGregor and Duffy fought in a boxing ring, Duffy would probably win, so on what planet have we got to a stage where Mayweather and McGregor will actually happen.

If you matched a promising pro or a current Olympic Champion against Mayweather, the fight would be ridiculed.

Sugar Ray Leonard said in a recent interview, it’s not boxing, it’s showbiz, and he is 100% correct. It’s a borderline WWE theatre presentation.

If they put it in a film script it would be conceived as totally stupid and to far fetched, yet here we are, it’s now a reality.

Mayweather is taking the fight, because it’s another monster payday with very little risk.

Most fighters in combat sports have a very limited window of opportunity to get what they can out of their chosen sports, especially MMA fighters. While McGregor is the biggest star in MMA and the highest paid, even his purses are just a fraction of what Mayweather and a few others command in boxing.

For McGregor it’s the sort of payday he just can’t get in the UFC, so as I said earlier you can’t blame him for taking the fight.

If he loses, then he is supposed to lose. While his aura might dip a little, unless he is totally humiliated, it shouldn’t harm him too much in the long-term.

All the pressure is on Mayweather, if he wins, even in devastating fashion, it proves absolutely nothing. If the unthinkable happens and he loses or even struggles, the harm to his legacy will be longer lasting.

If Mayweather fought a Golovkin say, a win enhances his legacy, a loss wouldn’t harm it, because of the severity of the challenge.

Mayweather got to 49-0 by beating an undeserving Andre Berto, now he attempts to reach win number 50 by beating a MMA fighter.

If Mayweather wants to create history then do it the right way, fight a Spence Jr or a Keith Thurman or even Pacquiao again. Don’t try and con the public into thinking it means something, when it doesn’t, it should not count as win number 50, end of.

So is Mayweather winning a foregone conclusion, if you think logically and ignore all the hype which will now follow, then yes it is. When predicting fights of this magnitude, you can in most cases, quite legitimately make a case for either man winning.

Mayweather vs McGregor is different, the best I can see is just maybe, McGregor has a moment where he lands something hard, and Mayweather’s legs dip slightly, but Mayweather will recover.

If Mayweather wants to, I can see him after a brief look to see what McGregor has, gradually move less, plant his feet more and more and take out an exhausted and helpless McGregor out surprisingly early, say in rounds 6-8.

Whatever Mayweather does, he wins

I am a massive fan of McGregor, but I have to call it like I see it. This is boxing not MMA. McGregor is a true fighting man at heart, and no doubt believes he can win and will come to win.

If you offer Mayweather double the money to fight McGregor under MMA rules, there is no way he would do so. Mayweather knows his limits, McGregor doesn’t.

Every person who walks this earth has their limits, McGregor in crossing over to boxing will soon learn his.

The sad thing is, just a few weeks after this charade, two boxers in the purest sense, Alvarez and Golovkin clash in a true Superfight.

That fight will undoubtedly be overshadowed by this sham of a fight, and that may well be the biggest reason of many, why Mayweather v McGregor should not be happening.

Sugar Ray Leonard In the same interview I mentioned earlier, said McGregor can’t win, he won’t win, I doubt you will find many who will argue with him.

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