UFC 239: Jon Jones Retains His Title

UFC 239: Jon Jones Retains His Title

As Joe Rogan said in commentary Jon Jones has dodged many bullets in his life, and in many ways he dodged another at UFC 239.

Jones retained his UFC light heavyweight title in Las Vegas, but only just. All three judges scored it 48-47, luckily for Jones only one gave it to Thiago Santos.

It was by no means controversial, but if Santos had got the nod it would have been no robbery. It was close, Santos hampered and restricted by a knee injury, fought with belief and skill, and came so close to upsetting the odds.

Santos attacked Jones’s lower leg with frequency in the opening two rounds and could easily have been two rounds up. Jones adjusted as Santos appeared to be fading, and looked as though as he was about to remove any doubt.

But Santos wouldn’t go, and had a good 5th and that round could easily have given him UFC gold.

Jones went home with his title, and he proved yet again what a difficult man he is to beat. But Jones doesn’t seem the dominant force he once was, the fighters waiting in line at least now have hope.

Santos dropped to 21-7, Jones improved his record to 25-1 with the one no contest.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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