FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week: Molly McCann

FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week: Molly McCann

Going into her fight with Ariane Lipski at UFC Greenville Molly McCann was a significant underdog.

Despite losing her UFC debut Lipski still carried much hype and very few were picking McCann to win the fight.

I always felt that people seriously underestimated the skills of McCann. The Liverpool fighter gets a raw deal by many, probably on the basis of how she looked in her UFC debut loss to Gillian Robertson last May.

But that criticism is unfair, forgetting that McCann took the fight on short notice, which contributed in her missing weight, then as a result not being allowed to rehydrate, so there were legitimate reasons for how she looked that night in Liverpool.

But that defeat was in hindsight a blessing in disguise, albeit a bittersweet one. Molly went away, improved and we saw the results in Greenville.

Perhaps fighting without the pressure she had against Priscila Cachoeira, McCann gave the performance of her life against Lipski.

Fighting to the perfect gameplan, McCann not only beat a very good opponent, she completely shut her down.

McCann gave us a bit of everything, including throwing in a little Ali shuffle. The significant reach advantage of Lipski was hardly noticed in the fight, due to McCann effortlessly getting into range, and effectively gliding in and out without taking too much damage in return.

The judges awarded her a deserved 30-27 decision, and McCann proved she is a real threat in the division.

McCann’s performance has earned her this week’s FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week honours.

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