An Interview with Frank Bruno

An Interview with Frank Bruno

By Will Lott

British boxing great and former WBC world heavyweight champion Frank Bruno took fellow heavyweight powerhouse Daniel Dubois on the pads at Peacock gym earlier today as the latter was preparing for his fight with Nathan Gorman on July 13th.

Clearly impressed by the young fighter, he told me when discussing the training session

“It felt very nice. He’s a very powerful, very talented fighter. I felt honoured to take him on the pads. He’s got a jab, he’s got a right hand. He’s got everything. All he has to do is get experience now, learn how to relax, pace himself and just do what he has to do.”

During their session on the pads the most common advice given by Bruno was for Dubois to turn into the punch and sit down on the shot more. As for how he can beat Gorman

“Daniel needs to box very smartly and the victory should come. Gorman’s not a mug. He’s trained by Ricky Hatton but Dubois has got the power in his corner. All he has to do is relax, move, use his jab and use his height and reach.”

With the boxing world still coming to terms with Andy Ruiz Jr’s upset KO win over Anthony Joshua a few weeks ago, Bruno said of the former champion.

“He came out the dressing room late and there was clearly some confusion going on. Only his camp would know. If he’s going to fight the guy again, he needs to nullify all that and just concentrate on the job at hand.”

The idea of a rematch has caused a split amongst fight fans and boxers with the likes of Amir Khan suggesting the need for a tune up fight for Joshua. However, promoter Eddie Hearn has insisted the fight will go ahead most likely in September of this year. Bruno reckons Joshua should take the fight if he feels he can.

“Only he knows how he feels about the rematch though.”

“Andy Ruiz is of course up there (with regards to the best heavyweights in the world) but I think if Joshua gets himself together he should beat him. I think Anthony Joshua is a different league to him and he wasn’t right on the day.”

Bruno has not had the best of luck when it has come to his health having most recently battled Pneumonia in March.

“I’m feeling happy. I’m going to head back to the health farm and have a little work out and just relax. I’ve got to cut the lawn and head out and get a sun tan. Hopefully I won’t get burned” he said jokingly.

Quickly discussing rumours of a Frank Bruno film or documentary he said.

“We’re talking about it but it’s not an easy thing to get through. I just have to wait and see.”

Until then Frank Bruno will be patiently waiting along with the rest of the boxing fans for July 13th at the O2 when Nathan Gorman and Daniel Dubois meet to compete for the British heavyweight title.

Photo Credit: Action Images via Reuters

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