An Interview with Kieron Conway

An Interview with Kieron Conway

By Ben Gibson 

Northampton Boxer Kieron Conway will hope to bounce back after his shock Ultimate Boxxer loss on the 10 May. Conway will return to the ring only 15 days after his trip to the O2 which saw him loose to the eventual winner of the third season of Ultimate Boxxer Derrick Osaze.

Kieron will be back in the Deco in Northampton hoping to get back in to his winning ways.

Conway will be fighting on the undercard of BCB-Promotions fight that is headlined by Nathan ‘Thunder’ Reeve taking on Craig Derbyshire for the English super flyweight title.

I spoke to Conway about the upcoming fight, his time at the Ultimate Boxxer event and how it is to be back to fighting in his home town.

“I am feeling very good for the upcoming fight and I am still feeling sharp from my last event.

“I am keeping the ball rolling and the best way to do that is by getting stuck back into it.”

“Having fought just over two weeks ago in two separate bouts that consisted of 3 rounds it can take its toll on some people.”

However, Kieron spoke about the event saying:

“The Ultimate Boxxer experience was really good.

“It was good exposure for myself and my skill and even with the loss everyone has been able to see what I am capable of.

“It could even mean that big things are coming very soon.”

The experience is something that most professional boxers will not experience in their career as they will normally have one fight a night however, Conway was set to potentially have three.

Along with the potential of three fights, the fights only last three rounds, which means that boxers will have to start quick and dominate from the start.

Conway spoke about the experience that he has gained from the Ultimate Boxxer saying:

“I have learnt that three round fights are not for me.

“I am much more effective over long distances and that is what I am going to focus on from now on.

“I am still chasing the titles and fighting in Northampton is a part of that journey.”

With little rest since Ultimate Boxxer he has managed to carry the momentum of the event into BCB-Promotions show in the Deco.

“I was still training hard for the Ultimate Boxxer and my fitness has definitely improved even if I have dropped down in rounds.

“I have not had much more of a week in Notice for the Northampton fight but I have been able to carry on with my training in the same way that I was doing before my experience at the Ultimate Boxxer.

“In my camps I cover all basis of my fighting and my fitness.

“However, I have currently been working on some areas that are not my strengths in order to help improve.”

Being from Northampton, fighting in the Deco Theatre will be a familiar sight for Conway.

Out of his 12 fights, Conway has fought three times in the Deco and last fought their against Chris Monaghan on the 9 March, where he topped the bill which also saw fellow Northampton Boxer Nathan Reeve at the start of his return to boxing.

Conway spoke about being back in his home town saying, It is good to be fighting back in my home town.

“It is nice to give the home crowd a show without making them travel miles to see me box.

“The Deco is a great venue that has a great atmosphere.

“Whilst it is not a big venue everyone is able to get close to the ring which makes it better in my opinion.”

Conway is currently 11-1 and is one of the many boxers on MTK Global’s roster, Conway spoke about MTK saying:

“It is great to be signed with MTK.

“They are looking after me without me even knowing, they are always pushing me and putting me into great opportunities when they can.”

Conway is currently boxing at middleweight, a division that is highly competitive,

“Middleweight is competitive but that is not going to stop me competing in the division.

“I am good at that weight and I feel big at the weight, however if the right opportunities come up I will also box at super welterweight.”

Tickets are on sale now priced at £35 standard, £50 on the balcony and £65 ringside, the latter option to include a buffet. For more information and to buy, contact the boxers.

Photo Credit: MTK Global

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